Friday, July 12, 2019

Run Buddy

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It’s been an uneventful week.  Between rain (torrential downpours), a sore foot, training responsibilities at work (trying to stay ahead with printing, checking the practice work of these new hires, and my own daily assigned duties that I have to find someone to help me complete....on my breaks and lunch) and just the normal long days I just don’t have a lot to say!  Yes I walked outside on my lunch break once.  My foot is doing pretty good with only a tender feeling every once in a while. (What happened to my it here )  My weight is still doing ok.  About midweek it popped up a pound after a high carb meal and a day with minimal water intake but it went back down the very next day.   I have some thoughts in my head to write but they just haven’t totally formulated.  Sooooooo....I’m going to give you a review of one of my absolute favorite gadgets and gizmos!  Totally unsolicited by anyone....just me to you. 

A few years ago I decided to take up the hobby of running.  I dedicated a lot of time to it and found some really neat accessories to make the hobby even more fun and convenient.  Life took up residence and I stopped running for a while.  It wasn't until I decided to begin running again a month or two ago  that I realized how important one of these  little accessories is to me!   I didn't realize how much I liked it until I couldn't find it and absolutely panicked at the loss.  I wanted my Run Buddy!

When I started to run I used the method that most people use to carry their cell phones.  I purchased an arm band.  It worked and did the job.  However, my arm was larger and I had to practically cut off the circulation in my arm in order to use  it.  When I pumped my arms as I ran I could feel the arm band rubbing.  It just wasn't comfortable for me. Added to that discomfort is the fact that it is unwieldy to remove your cell phone if you want to adjust your music or take a selfie.  I tried numerous arm bands with the same results. This just wasn't working for me...but what other choice did I have???

I honestly don't remember how I found out about the Run Buddy. (Amazon Affiliate Link)  But I saw it and decided that it would be a fabulous purchase for me.  I ordered one immediately and waited anxiously for it to arrive.  Honestly, I was skeptical but hopeful at the same time.  It sounded like it would theory.  But would it work in a real life situation?

When I got my package from Amazon I couldn't wait to try out the Run Buddy.  I checked out the purchase. It seemed simple.  It is a heavy duty fabric flat pouch that will hold your cell phone (you can buy different sizes to fit whatever you need is).   Built into the pouch are heavy duty magnets. There is also a flat flap that folds down behind the pocket.  The flap also has magnets that are perfectly aligned to the magnets in the pouch.   The concept for use?  Slip the flat flap into the waistband of your pants and allow the pouch to rest on the outside of your pants.  The magnets will align and hold everything in place. 

I couldn't wait to try the Run Buddy so I threw on running clothes and I headed out.  I slipped the flap into my pants and felt gratified to feel the magnets grab hold.  I did a shimmy and a shake.  My eyes widened.  The run buddy was holding steady as solid as a rock!  It wasnt' slipping or moving!  Undaunted I headed out for a run to really test it.  Yeah, it's one thing to shimmy and shake but I wanted to  see how it really handled running!

OH MY WORD!  This thing didn't budge!   It was fabulous!  I could barely feel it.  In fact, I was afraid that It was going to fall off and I wouldn't know it. I calmed myself because I was listening to music and knew that if I got too far from my cell phone that my bluetooth connection would die off and I would know that the cellphone/run buddy was somewhere behind me!  But that NEVER happened.  This thing was attached, and attached well!  I was sold!  It is easy to remove and replace for those moments that you need a mid-run selfie.  It is painless.  It is fabulous!

I have gone running with other people and they have showed interest in my Run Buddy.  I have let each of them use the Run Buddy for a mile or so. (It really is that easy to switch and move).  In each and every case, they have gone online to purchase their own Run Buddy!

The ONLY issue I ever had with the Run Buddy?  I had one pair of  pants that were  a bit......loose.  The weight of the Run Buddy combined with a very loose pair of pants was not a good combination while I was running.  I had to keep my hand on my waistband the whole time!  It was either that or risk scaring the Squirrels (and whoever else may have been looking) with my bare bottom as I ran that day!  But even that problem was NOT the fault of the Run Buddy......I promptly threw those pants away!

As I decided to re-enter the world of running I went to get my Run Buddy.  I had used it for hiking only a month or two earlier so I know it was around.  But I looked EVERYWHERE!  I was in a state of panic!  I couldn't go running without the Run Buddy could I?  Well, of course I could.  But after a few days of continual searches, I finally just bit the bullet and went online and purchased a second one.  I know the first one will eventually show up, but a girl can't have too many Run Buddy's!  I did buy the new Run Buddy  with the pink trim (Amazon Affiliate Link), so it was a bit different from the one that was lost!

I have used the Run Buddy while hiking in pants that didn't have pockets.  I have used it on vacation while wearing clothes that didn't have a place to put my cell phone.  This thing is a life changer!  Yes, it is perfect for running....but in reality it is perfect for ANY activity where you have no place to tuck your cell phone!    I can guarantee that while I own two that if they are every both missing at the same time and I am unable to find them that I will promptly go out and purchase a third one.  This thing is that awesome!


*Stained Glass Butterfly* said...

I will have to check it out. I use an arm band when I go running, and I hate how it feels on my arm, especially as hot as it gets here. And if I want to take a picture, or if I get a text notification, I groan because it's such a hassle to get my phone out of the arm band.

MaryFran said...

I was right there with you!!! The run buddy is so easy!!!

Sarah said...

Pretty nifty little thing.

Shelley said...

I used a Run Buddy for years and it was so nice not to have to hold my phone! I too discovered that you can't wear it with looser clothing...on a five mile run, ugh. But other than that, it's great.

Tiffany said...

How cool thanks for sharing. I am glad things are going ok.

MaryFran said...

We were riding yesterday...I had my cell phone in my hydration pack and I was lamenting about how I couldn’t easily get into my bag without a heck of a lot of work to take a quick picture. And all of a sudden I said ‘run buddy!)

MaryFran said...

Hahah. I’m glad I am not the only one that had the loose clothing issue! There should be a warning on the packaging when you buy it!!!

MaryFran said...


Mrs Swan said...

We bought one of those once at a Disney Marathon showcase thing. Where all the vendors are set up. I haven't seen it in years though. I actually bought something recently I took pictures of it to post about so it is funny you did your run buddy. It is on my list of things to eventually blog about. LOL ($5.00 phone holder LOL)

We have gone through lots of run toys over the years with him. Spy Belt, recorder when he had his running podcast, umm water bottles that I cannot remember the name of, and the run buddy. He currently has some fancy headphones that I am thinking you might as well. RIght before it switched over for me to post a comment I read bone-conducting headphones. I didn't back up to see if they were the same brand but we got him aftershocks for Father's Day. That might be misspelled but I am sure you know what I mean.

MaryFran said...

That is too funny! I’ll be looking for your review of the product!

Yes I have the aftershox bone conducting love love them!!!