Friday, May 24, 2019

Upbeat Friday: A long weekend

This is my kind of Friday! I actually am off work today. I took a vacation day. Even better, Monday is a holiday AND I also have a vacation day on Tuesday. Yes, I am sitting at the beginning of a five day weekend. How awesome is that? I have lots of plans for my time off and I have a few things to review from this past week. So let’s get to it!
My weight
I am happy to say and announce that my weight is at the lower weight that I experienced earlier this month.  While I have officially not lost weight this month, I have not gained weight either. That two week 7 pound gain that I talked about in this post is in the past. I do still have one week left in the month. So I am not quite ready to call this month a maintain yet.
I have actually done a great job with walking on my lunch breaks this week. I have actually also been able to get outside and walk a few steps during my 15 minute breaks. While this is not earth shattering in intensity, it is at least movement and activity....and it gets me outside. Even when I have to share the walking path/boardwalk!
Last weekend was quite active. We hiked and we biked. We both talked about how good it felt to be active. We aim To continue that trend this weekend.

I am mostly better from the cold I have had this week. My shoulder  pain well, I think it’s on the mend. So, I plan on starting this weekend, today actually, to start running again. After all, I bought a new Garman watch and I want to use the features.
This is a bit of a convoluted answer in terms of success versus failure. My actual food intake has not been bad. I have remained quite cognizant of what I am eating. I have not eaten a lot of junk or a lot of snacks and extra food which is what usually drives my calorie count high. That is successful. I have however, not tracked one bite of food for the last two weeks until Wednesday of this week. For me this will eventually snowball into a dangerous territory of me eating and not being cognizant. Luckily, my new Garman watch links up with my fitness pal. The new toy, the watch, sparked me to go back in and start entering my food again.
I am still doing the intermittent fasting. I did have one or two days right after the arm issue and starting to take the medication that I was just hungry and gave up and had breakfast. However, after a day or two I went right back to the 16; eight intermittent fasting plan. It really does work well for my schedule and how I prefer to eat.
So that’s my week in review!  I have so many things I want to get done this long weekend.  Most of them will be squashed into Friday and Tuesday to allow for the most optimum time with Jason out exploring and living life!  What’s on my agenda?
Cleaning- normal weekly cleaning but also washing the windows and baseboards and hopefully organizing the storage area.
Running-  I have plans to start running this weekend...hopefully at least Friday and Tuesday! (The other weekend days may be active enough on their own!!)
Eye appointment-  it’s that contacts and new glasses!
Dollhouse- I have plans for my nursery...building a crib, toy chest and dresser.  I also need to make curtains, cushions for the rocker, bedding for the crib and a rug!    So many things!!!  I’m so excited!!   I also have wee little slideshow/video I’m putting together highlighting one of my previous dollhouses!
Writing-I need to do some writing.  I’ve got ideas and thoughts swirling in my head.  It’s time to work on them!!!
So busy busy busy!!!!  I love it!!!  It’s busy stuff for ME!!!   Happy Friday!!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Weekend! How wonderful that you have a five-day stretch off. That's a holiday in my books!
I love that you list out the things you "get" to do - way better than thinking of everything you "have" to do.
I wish you good weather for your outside activities.

jen said...

Have a wonderful long weekend...thats nearly a holiday!!!

MaryFran said...

Thank you!!!! So far the weather has been wonderful!!!

MaryFran said...

Thanks!!!! It certainly feels like a holiday!!!

Mrs Swan said...

Wow Georgina really wants to spam today.

Enjoy your vacay! That's pretty much what it is. LOL Cannot wait to hear about your adventures! I'm glad your ads are still working. For some reason mine work on mobile but not desktop. I have googled and it seems many are having that problem. Grrr I had a nice spike and now nothing.

Tiffany said...

Enjoy your free time and great going on everything.

Dominick said...

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