Friday, October 19, 2018

Vacation part two: the mountains

We had decided to break down our vacation into three segments...beach, mountains and home.  The beach segment  flew by in a flash!  It was fun...but over. We went home for one night repacked our bags with fresh clothes and our hiking boots and in the morning headed off for the next segment....the mountains!

The weather was cool.  The mountains were gorgeous and we enjoyed the drive down to Front Royal.   Jason was having his first day of actually feeling ‘well’.  We contemplated a hike...but knew that the planned hike for the next day would be more strenuous, so we decided to take it easy.   We roamed around the town in the shadow of the mountains that we love so much.  We picked up some geocaches....hit up a few local shops and just had a relaxing day.  The photography bug has been rekindled and I played around with my good camera a bit....nothing fancy, but some.....

After we checked into our hotel,  we spent the evening  watching movies.  (

Hiking day arrived.  The air was crisp.  The leaves on the trees...still pretty green but we still had a vague hope that the top of the mountain would reveal some fall colors.  Truth be known, when I awoke...I was worried about the hike.   Really worried!  I knew I wasn’t in any shape for a strenuous hike.  But I vowed to push through, suck it up and just do it!

Jason at one point mentioned being a little worried about a strenuous hike (like the one we wanted to do).  Together we decided to tone it down and do a trail that was labelled as 'moderate' versus the 'strenuous' one that we had originally planned on doing.

We laced up our hiking boots and off we went!

We got to the trail head and checked out the overlook at the trailhead.
 Then started off.   Very early on I rounded a bend and boom....5 feet away from three bears.  (A mamma and two cubs).  We quickly retreated a somewhat safe distance away and we both grabbed a few pictures.  (no....sadly enough I didn't have my good camera with me.....I had a hydration pack...not my camera pack).

We enjoyed the bear sighting for a few minutes and then went onward with our hike (eyes peeled for more bears).
We made it to the top....and enjoyed that overlook before we continued on to complete our hike.

Now let me backtrack and say that the trail we chose to do was one that we had done a few years ago. I remembered the trail as relatively easy!   Uhhhhh what a difference a few years and a drop in fitness level makes!  This trail beat us up this time!  It was CRAZY!   But we did it!!!  We felt fabulously beat when we were done...but we were happy with our hike!

We drove home and enjoyed a home cooked dinner and some relaxation!   The rest of the vacation is relaxing...maybe a movie or two at the theater....some errands....maybe a bike ride....maybe a hike....just roll with some heavy relaxing times!  

Take away from this segment of vacation.......well it is still my fitness level that is first and foremost.  But it was very obvious that my cardio endurance has suffered.  My legs were sore by the END of the hike...but for most of the hike (mostly climbing) my legs felt great.  (My feet at the end were the worst).  It was the cardio that slowed me down.  I was huffing and puffing like mad!!!!  

beach segment


  1. These pictures take my breath away. Beautiful.

  2. Sounds perfect


  3. What fantastic pics...
    Sounds like you’re hav8ng the best holiday.

  4. I love themountsins. Boy, I really need to get my fitness level up before our planned hike!
    And bears....oh my!

  5. Sounds like a great hike!

  6. OMG the bears!!! I don't know, I probably would have chickened out on that hike after seeing them...