Thursday, September 20, 2018

Fitness level check in: it’s not good

A few years ago I used to be relatively fit. Something happened though and I find myself in a very unhealthy place or rather unfit place.  I’m not talking about my weight (although that needs to change also).  I’m not even talking about the healthy/unhealthy foods I may or may not eat (although I actually eat relatively healthy).   I’m talking about muscle tone and the capability of my body!

While my doctor was totally satisfied with my numbers from my blood work and labeled me as pretty healthy despite my weight, I am not fit!

Three, four, five years ago I was fit. I was still overweight, but I was incredibly fit. It was nothing for me to go to back to back to Zumba classes and work out for two hours straight! And usually, in the morning before the Zumba, I had gone out and  run a few miles. I was capable of doing amazing things. I remember one day many years ago riding my bike for an hour or two , getting home and going for a three mile run.....just because.  

When I met Jason I was still running and going to Zumba and  as I started to hike with him it was easy...because I was in shape.   Thank you Zumba!   But then my beloved Zumba class ended .  I couldn’t find a class that worked with my schedule so I lost that exercise outlet.   I didn’t see a difference immediately....we were still hiking heavily...and walking mad miles every evening, so I was still moving.  I thought I would be fine.

I started to notice a difference about 9 months later...I didn’t feel as toned and strong.  But I was still moving and active.   We added biking into our repoirtoire.  I should have been fine...right? Maybe...maybe not!!  

A change in jobs and we didn’t get out as much...and I couldn’t run as often.  And it all went to pot!

I am appalled at the shape I’m currently in!  My body protests at the simplest things.  I still push myself forward.  I still am riding (when the weather cooperates...which hasn’t been frequently in the last weeks) and I still walk as much as possible (with a few days skipped here and there) at work. But my body aches when I body ached after just a few hours of walking at the fair    My body is not thanking me for taking care of it!!!

We saw a clip the other night on tv (it was part of some show on human bodies on PBS) and they were talking about an 87 year old triathlete.  Yes.  You read that right!   87 and actively competing AND finishing triathlons and Ironman competitions.   I looked up his website  and he had some words of I am including goes to Lewis Hollander

2. Go hard, live long.
3. Go anaerobic every day.
4. Eat well, fruits and vegetables with abundant supplements
5. Set your plans well in advance and have achievable goals.
6. Have a stress free relationship.
7. Keep socially active and interested in life and it’s challenges.
8. There are no fat old people so watch your calorie intake.

Use it or lose it....yeah, I’m losing it!  

I know I need to do something!  My work days are long and busy.  But I know that’s an excuse.  Jason and I were talking and we have vowed to get back to riding after work each day (those  really hot days followed by a week or two of rain derailed us). But even if we get derailed by weather (and darkness when the time changes) I have a bike trainer .  (Amazon Affiliate Link)  It’s even set up with my old TRek! 

So that’s one step.  We are talking about doing some serious hiking this winter...which includes purchasing a new year pass for the Shenandoah National Park (we will most likely pay  the extra 25 bucks and get the National Park pass for all parks).   I would ultimately like to run a bit also...   so lots of activity forecasted.  But the other component....I NEED to add some strength training back into my daily routine!!   It doesn’t need to be huge and heavy.  I was toned through Zumba...and that mostly relied on my own bodies resistance and not heavy weights.  I can actually use the stability ball  (Amazon Affiliate Link) that I have..which is already blown up!!  I can also use the “perfect push ups(Amazon Affiliate Link) that we have (Jason had them...I’ve not used them yet!).  I can do it!  I just need to make it a priority AND a habit in my daily routine!!!

Things need to change!   


Shelley said...

I hear you on feeling like you've lost some fitness - that's one reason why I decided to go back to my trainer and small group. It has helped, for sure. You've got a good plan in place to regain your fitness - good luck with it!

TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

I like the Lewis HOllander quotes! We really do need to take better care of ourselves if we want to grow old.

MaryFran said...


MaryFran said...

I think he’s dead on target too!!!

Anonymous said...

accepting and acknowledging the first big steps to change for good.