Thursday, June 07, 2018

Out of the ‘closet eating’

This has been an interesting week.   No, I didn’t run a marathon…or swim the English Channel.  No, I didn’t set the world on fire with my weight loss.  No, I didn’t do anything earth shattering.  But what I DID do was make some discoveries about myself….I my friends, am a closet eater.


First let’s talk about my exercise.  I have managed to continue to walk on my breaks and my lunch at work.  That nets me about 6000 steps…and I can usually make it to 7000 -7500 steps with my evening movement once I get home.    That’s not enough.  I’m missing the mark on my 8000 step goal.  I can sometimes walk in the morning before work, but that depends upon the traffic and if I actually make it to work in time to make a lap.    So my steps have been lacking.  BUT…I am walking!   So while not a victory, it’s at least not a colossal failure!


That said, I did get some pictures taken of the lake where I walk….

And my ‘exercise trauma/drama for the week was my Thursday Lunch walk.  I was smiling at the beginning.

 But then I twisted my ankle…….and if that wasn’t enough, a bit later I choked on a grape!  But I continued to walk and even pushed my steps a bit further than normal.

So my weight???    Up from last week by about a pound or two.  I woke up thirsty today...not a good sign for the numbers on the scale!  And well...the monthly water retention is right around the corner!!  (Edit:  I posted this ‘Friday’ weekly summary and within 5 minutes realized that the dates looked wonky!  Oh no!  It’s only Thursday!   Talk about disappoint, two more days of work versus one!!  I thought about taking the post down...but decided to leave it up.  Who knows...I might post again tomorrow and make this a four post week!!) 


Next up my eating?  I would love to say that I abided by the ‘rules’ that I set forth a few weeks back.  (8000 steps and available calories before I would allow myself a sweet treat at night.”   I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t make this goal…..I did not make the step goal even once.  I did however manage to keep my calories under budget….BARELY!   My top end of the range of calories is 1500….and Wednesday night AFTER I ate my cookies I put in my food for the day…I came in at 1497 calories.  Talk about squeaking by!  


But that brings me to my subject of this post.  My eating habits.


On Wednesday I made a vow that I was NOT going to eat any cookies.  I made the vow to my friend Julie via an email.  We talked about our significant others and how we were going to resist, even if they sat there shoveling cookies into their mouths like they were a starving Santa Claus.  It was a vow…it was set it stone and written down…No problem.  Right?  Yeah…well…….2 small chocolate chip cookies that night.   I still at least came in under the top end of my caloric range…but seriously…where was my will power????


My big problem was the after work snack.  I get home at right around 6PM.  We usually don’t eat until 8 or so.  I have been finding myself gravitating to the kitchen as soon as I get home on some days.  I dig out a handful or chips or pretzels and I indulge.  If it’s only a pretzel stick or two it’s not bad.  But some days I shovel food into my mouth like there is no tomorrow.  Why are some days bad snack days and some days are not so bad?    This week I figured it out.  I am a closet eater.


I got home on Wednesday evening,  Jason’s work van was there but he was nowhere to be found inside the apartment.  A quick glance in the den (aka bike bedroom) revealed his bike was missing.  I had a fleeting moment of throwing on my running clothes and heading out for a run.  FLEETING!  Instead, I moseyed (it was a fast trot actually) to the kitchen where I indulged in some chips and dip...some pretzels and dip…..and then to round out the festivities the last handful of Cheetos in the bag.  I finished up just as I heard Jason’s key in the door.  Yeah, I probably would have continued to eat had he not come home.  In fact, had he BEEN at home, I KNOW that I would have only had a small handful of chips.  I indulged because there was no one there to see me.  I’m a closet eater!  


 Luckily Jason usually beats me closet eating isn’t an issue every evening.  However, that said I know I can’t rely on ‘never being alone’ to correct my issue.  So I’m working on some plans and ideas to combat this issue of closet eating.  So stay tuned for a future post!


mxtodis123 said...

I am a closet eater as well. Fortunately, though, my hubby no longer eats his chips and cookies so they are not in the house to tempt me. Funny thing is, I don't even like them anymore so even if they were in the house, I think I would go for an apple instead. Today's my monthly weigh in. Keeping fingers crossed.

MaryFran said...

Let me know how your weigh in goes!!! And yay for wanting the Apple instead of the sweets!

Sarah said...

Your walk is beautiful.

I've got to increase my steps! Honestly I need to increase my calories too. But the steps will probably be easier to do. I average 800-1000 calories a day. Problem is.... they aren't the best quality of calories and no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to increase it without feeling sick to my stomach. I think my key to weight loss is going to be in the exercise.

jesseybell said...

Me and my husband want to eat at different times - I would much prefer to eat as soon as I get home and get it over with. He'd prefer to putter around for hours and eat really late as the last thing. I usually win or he just doesn't eat with us which isn't ideal. But as I've said before, afternoon/pre-dinner eating has been my HUGE downfall the last few years :( I've got to find a way to remedy it. I can't not eat I just need to make healthy choices :(

MaryFran said...

Make small baby steps!!! Don’t try to adjust your calories all at once. Add 100 at a time!!! Baby steps!!!

MaryFran said...

Yes that’s how it is with us. That’s far our compromise has been that I make dinner to be ready somewhere between eight and 830 sometimes he’s a bit behind me and when he eats, but that’s OK we eat in the living room anyway so it’s not like we’re sitting at a table by ourselves. And if I can just figure out that snack thing after work Andy couple hours before we eat .

Lynn said...

Sometimes I want to eat a snack but my cats are sitting on me so I don't want to disturb them! Haha. The lake looks really nice to walk around.

MaryFran said...

I do the same Witt my cat...never disrupt a cat!!!