Wednesday, August 30, 2017


First of all let me say that my weight does seem to be dropping. Now let's not get too excited.   I haven't gone any lower than 2 pounds below that magic number.  (That stupid number on the scales that I have not been able to pry myself from.   And in fairnes righty now I drop down 2-3 pounds and then go back to that 'I'm stuck at' weight.  But the difference?  For months I would go two or three pounds (or more) over that weight and then drop back to that weight.  I never went under.   So I'm seeing the lower number more frequently. 

The weekends are my rough time now.   I am so busy at my job .and I've been walking with another gal during lunch breaks (it's good for me and for her it keeps her from going to her car to smoke...she is trying to a win win!!) and honestly, I haven't been overly hungry!!!   I guess I ate at my old job out of sheer boredom!!! So my work weeks are weekends are my downfall....we pick up fast food....yikes I know!!!   And I know that I could get the sandwich and forego the fries ...but I've lacked the will power!   And honestly...I could even get a salad but I don't!    

This week is different. I'm ordering and eating differently!!!!  Today is my official weigh in day and I showed down 2.4 pounds.  I want to keep that loss.  I'm NOT going back!!!!  

So I've not been exercising.  That's my lament. I miss running.  I know, crazy right?  But I just haven't figured out where to fit it in.   Jason tells me to give it I settle in and relax and feel more comfortable with my job (and the knowledge that is still being pumped into my head doesn't exhaust me mentally which translates into physical lethargy) that I will figure it out. Plus I'm sure there are some more changes coming in the future that may make it easier!  But this has brought a few new thoughts into play.

The first time I lost the weight I wasn't heavy into exercise.   Yeah, I still rode my bike on occasion. Yeah,   I may have done an exercise video here and there.  But I wasn't hard core exercise.   It wasn't until I was looking at maintainance and then started regaining that I dove headfirst into exercise.  That gives me peace about my current 'just not working for me' status with exercise.   I know it's important.  I know I need it!  I know I want to do it.  But it's not a deal breaker in terms of success in this weight loss journey!

Just a theory?  Was the running and heavier exercise making me me hungy and driving me toward more food and thereby counter acting my efforts?  I don't have an answer to this one.   But when I do figure this exercise thing out, I will be watching my intake of food and monitoring it more closely!!!  

Let me start by saying that for years I've had feet problems ( for over 30 years...dang I feel old!).  I refer to it as 'The Bone'.    (It actually looks like I have two ankles...and that lower bone is where the issues are...the bone and the tendons and ligaments around that bone).  Typically, I can deal with it and just have accepted foot pain as my friend and keep trucking.  But every once in a while they just plain and simple hurt...bad!  Very rarely did I have to turn around on a run and not complete the run because of The Bone.   Very maybe two or three times.  The Bone hadn't given me much grief in quite a few years.   In fact I almost completely stopped thinking about The Bone.    But within the last month or so The Bone has made its reappearance.   And boy does it hurt!   I wracked my brains to figure out why.  Is it due to a change in weather?  Is it some kind of weird your almost 45 but lets have a shift in your adult growth spurt?   But then I realized the most likely cause.  Lack of exercise!!!!!  Well shucks!!!! Maybe the running was helping The Bone!!    I have no clue if that's it, but it certainly fits!

So onward and upward.   Making the best out of what I have and can do at this exact moment!!!



TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

Ugh, sorry about The Bone:(

Exercise DEFINITELY makes me hungry. The harder the exercise, the more insatiable I become.

Good job on losing those couple of pounds! You're doing something right :)

It's very hard to stay away from fast food. It's just too convenient and cheap..and..dammit, it's delicious.

Lori said...

Sounds like you are in a good place. Weekends kill me too! Tackle those and you've got it!☺ Stay strong!☺

Shelley said...

I bet the bone is a combination of lack of exercise and getting older - sorry, but I say this from experience...and it kind of sucks. I still get a sharp pain in my ankle when I step funny or even dare to walk, but weirdly, it doesn't hurt when I run. So I try to remember that and not let it stop me from running.

I also lost most of my weight before I really started exercising. We both know weight loss is something like 90% diet anyway - it's awesome that you are getting in the groove so well during the week; I'll bet you'll get stronger about resisting the super crazy foods on the weekends're doing great!

Sarah said...

I hope The Bone doesn't get too bad. Dealing with chronic pain is tough. I too often use it as an excuse, but ironically moving more will help.

I do great during the day time. After hubby gets off work and the weekends are so hard for me. Because he is diabetic and his blood sugar crashes alot we keep what is supposed to be "emergency" candy in the house. I resist all day but we have gotten into the habit of eating a piece of candy after dinner. This week it's mini snickers! So hard to say no to them.

It nice that you found a lunch time walking buddy. Sounds like it's good for both of you.

jesseybell said...

Just catching up after vacation - I do much better of losing weight when I am not exercising as much - So I need to figure out what exercise I will do this fall because time to get back on the weigh-loss wagon!

I hope the stress-level decreases as the weeks go by.

jen said...

Loving that you are in a good place at the moment.....fingers crossed that "that bone" doesn't get too bad for you.
Good luck with your weekend eating...

Anonymous said...

Thats half the game in figuring things out. I have a new blog

Lynn said...

It's so unfair that exercise makes us hungrier! Hang in there. I'm working so much right now too!