Friday, August 25, 2017


Learning a new job is exhausting!   My work week is me seeing Jason for maybe 20-30 minutes.  Me coming home and grabbing a bite to eat.  Me staring vacantly at the wall until I fall asleep...which I'm embarrassed to say is usually by 9pm!!!!  Wash rinse repeat!

I don't work on my dollhouse, and I'm to the fun part in the kitchen .....putting in some of the wee little personal touches to make it seem real. (Trim work and cleaning up some things are still needed in this picture!)

Seriously....I bought a toaster last weekend (with two slices of bread!) and it's still in its original packaging....not in the kitchen!!!!!  That's tiredness!!!

Its tiredness that made me reach for my gearshift the other day to go from first to second and I started to pull the emergency break!  Hahaha. Yeah...mentally wiped out!!!

But the good news....this aspect of what I'm being trained on seems to be getting a bit easier.   So maybe.....

I keep saying I'm going to figure out exercise......still haven't figured that out.   I have been walking on my breaks and lunch.   The breaks really isn't much the time we take the elevator to the lobby and walk out of the building we are down to 10 minutes and then we have to return to our desks which takes 5 minutes.  But hey...we are moving!!!!!!   And we do walk at lunch!  Right now in training mode my lunches are the same time as the other new hire.   Eventually that will change but by then the walking habit will be well formed...hopefully.     I see one guy on my team head down the steps at the end of his shift....maybe I should start taking the steps down...and up!   I told my walking buddy that when it's raining or cold that we are going to do the steps!  She looked at me and said 'are you nuts?'  Little does she know that, yes...I probably am!!!

My eating...not perfect...not horrible.  Holding steady at my 'go to weight'   That weight I've been stuck at for ever!  

So nothing new to report.  Just hanging in and giving my body time to adjust to learning and yes the commute. books are the way to go for a commute.  I actually look forward to the drive so that I can listen to the next couple chapters!  (Good books work!  I tried one book that was horrible and I hated it!!).  And yes...I'm wondering if I can talk Jason into listening to the next few chapters of the book I'm listening to while we are driving this weekend....seriously...the next chapter should be with the DNA tests results coming in and I wanna know what the results  are!!!!!!  But alas...6ish on Monday morning I'll be sipping my water , driving down the road and listening!!!  (Hmmm I should probably check out a new audio book too because I'm nearing the end of my current one!)

And my friend at work is telling me to drink infused water/detox stuff. cider vinegar...cucumber...ginger...and mint.   (Two bottles a day!)

Meanwhile Jason is telling me to drink Matcha Tea!   

I'll be floating if I do it all!!!!!


TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

I love audiobooks!

That little kitchen is so adorable! I hope you feel up to working on it soon. I'm excited to see the final product :)

It's good to hear that the new job is going well and that you're settling in.

Sarah said...

I'm so sorry that your new schedule is taking awhile to get used to. It sounds like you are doing great. I'm sure things will slow down so that you have more personal time for exercise, hobbies and date time.

I love the kitchen! Makes me want another doll house.