Thursday, July 13, 2017

The cat is out of the bag

A few weeks ago I made a vow to lose 10 pounds by august 7th.   Why august seventh???     And more changes coming? What changes????

First let me say that I did get a run in the other morning!   That was a first in a while.   It's hard with the crazy hours that this new job has me working (I am scheduled for 46 hours next week)....6 days both this week and next.  I actually woke up at 5:00AM yesterday morning to run.   But it was just a bit darker than I felt comfortable with in terms of outside running on my own.   I will be investing in some reflective gear soon!!!! 

How is my weight doing???  Am I on target for 10 pounds???   I am down 1.4 from my July first weight.   So at least that's down.   But by almost two weeks in I should be down by more than 1.4 pounds to reach that goal!   

Well it is time to let the cat out of the bag.   About three months ago I sat down and really started hitting the job hunt hot and heavy.   I, for various reasons had only been half heartedly looking before then.   But the time had come for me to get serious.  Number one my job was not making me happy.....but the biggest aspect is that after ten years of great yearly reviews and wonderful customer compliments...and no negative marks on my record (in fact they kept adding duties since I did a good job), I am only making $10 an hour.  (Ok I lie ....$10.03 an hour.).   Convenient (for them) hiring freezes when they are throwing more duties upon me ("this is the job of a head teller but we have a hiring freeze so we can't raise your pay". And "oh this new job you will be doing falls under customer service which is more pay but since we are again on a hiring freeze we can't give you the pay raise/grade that goes with it").  Add to the fact that the insurance while affordable ($100 a month) was outrageously expensive to use....and honestly prohibitive to use considering the deductible is about three months of pay). So it was well beyond the time for me to find another job!!!   And in fact, a few weeks ago I even mentioned in a blog post about an interview.

So back to the cat that we are letting out of the bag...  part of this should come as no surprise because a few weeks ago I even mentioned in a blog post about an interview, the day that my sinus' were a full blown mess...and my teeth felt like they were falling out of my head!!!    But I am ready to officially announce it today.  I have been offered a job at a different company. (Yup the same one I interviewed for that day with the sinus pain...I must have hidden my pain well.....or maybe not and they were just impressed with my perseverance despite the pain!!!)  I will be driving a bit further to this new job.  But that's's only 15-20 miles further than where Jason works. As for insurance since that has been a big issue with my current job....  I just know the basics right now and I don't know the exact particulars of the insurance but I have a friend that works for the company at an Indiana office and she seems to have no complaints about it!!  Nor does she drag her feet about going to the doctor due to prohibitive costs!!!!    I do however of course know the particulars of the pay and let's just say I'm happy!   I'm very happy with the starting pay...(I'm leaving the $10.03 far far far in the dust!!  I will be able to afford to actually live on my own and support myself!!!). and I'm happy with the opportunities for growth that will be available to me (pay wise and career wise). 

So my kinda new job that I talked about last week on my blog  is only a temporary new job for about 4-5 weeks.   And I gave a three week  notice it's out there in the open for public consumption now. 

So that brings me full cycle back to why August 7th for the 10 pounds?    That's my start date for my new job....of course!!!

Lots more changes and adjustments coming in my life.....I know that this job...the distance ...the hours...everything will bring total upheaval in my life.  But I'm confident that what is yet to come will be positive and that I'm FINALLY on the right track!!!


jesseybell said...

I am so excited for you!!!! I love to hear such great news coming from you - it will be a life changer for you and get you back on your own 2 feet. Awesome! Everything else will fall into place once you are out of your current sucky job.

Sarah said...

Oh this is wonderful news! You have some big changes coming up, but once you get through the adjustment period, things will be awesome. I'm so happy for you.

Knowing that you have a new job makes dealing with this one a bit easier, I hope.

Rebooting Myself said...

Oh what wonderful news! Huge, huge congratulations! And hopefully this new job will be far less stress and a more normal schedule as well!

Rose S. said...

I have been reading your blog for quite some time and never post to you but I had to about your new job!
Congratulation ! What a great time in your life to come along and great perseverance ! And 10.00 an hour?
Where I live min wage is 11.00 an hour and heck if you work in fast food you can make 15.00 and hour! Crazy.. I wish every state would get on board so people could live comfortably!

Congrats again!

Shelley said...

Yay MaryFran!!! Very happy for you!!!!

TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

This is so great! Ch-ch-ch-changes!!!!!

MyStalkerIsFat said...

Congratulations on the new job! It sounds like it is such a better opportunity for you than your old job. Good for you for not just settling for your old job and being unhappy.

jen said...

Awesome news, absolutely delighted for you.....congratulations

Anonymous said...

congrats on the new job