Monday, July 10, 2017

Monday duldrums

Blah blah blah.   I've got the Monday blues!   I wish I could stay home today!!!!!   But that's not the way life off I go in a bit to work!   I have a long week schceduled for me...48 hours scheduled at work.  (Why so many?  I have no clue????).  48 scheduled means that while I won't work less than 48.....I will probably work MORE than 48. my old branch we were always scheduled for 38...and the few extra minutes here and there took us to the 40 mark.   So adjustment for me.  But oh well...overtime.

My goal of 10 pounds ...well I am fluctuating some.  Last week during the week I dropped down 2-3 pounds...but today I'm right back where I started.  Go figure!  Frustrating to say the least...but I know that my eating in the weekends is frightening.  I need to clean that up for sure.  

Exercise during the week?   Uhhh. I'm still trying to figure out how to slip that in!  Maybe start running in the evenings???  Invest in reflective gear and lights and run super early in the morning?   Pull out exercise videos???  Ugggghh.  I will figure it out.  And I better figure it out soon because I have more changes coming and if my exercise routine is adjusted and in place it will bode well.

This weekend we walked/hiked some.  We swam some.   But the main thing was that we rode our bikes.     On the canal.  
We want to go back and explore the kilns/ovens of the old defunct Round Too Cement Company  in the fall/winter.

And the remains of the buildings.

We took the time to stop at the 'visitor center' if you can really call it that.   An old house along the canal that they have dressed out in period furniture that is open to the public some days.

We lucked out in that the volunteer that was there heard us talking about how we always wish we could see the upstairs of these old houses.   His words were 'I'm not supposed to let you...but let's go'. Awesome!!!!   You could tell that he loved the building!!!!   It's in pretty decent shape...cosmetic work is all it would need to be usable!!!  Maybe they will get some money and be able to open it someday!!

So annactive weekend...even though the scales were unkind to me this morning!!!


TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

Scales are stupid!

Sounds like a fun weekend. Was the upstairs of the visitor center dressed out in old furniture too? I love old buildings. But I kinda prefer the creepy ones. Hahah

Good luck working overtime this week.

Sarah said...

Yep, scales are stupid! Mine did the same thing this week.

You have such fun places to explore. I wish there were some places like that around here.

I hope work is better this week and that you get a workout plan in place before your changes coming up.

Shelley said...

Wow, that's a lot of hours to work! I guess yay for overtime pay, but geez, a girl needs a break, too.

Ann Summerville said...

I stopped by your blog today. It's over 100 here in Texas so the only exercise I want to do is in a swimming pool.