Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wednesday weigh in

I have done better with my eating so far this week.  I can't say I was perfect...I did eat another cookie...or two.   I also had a piece of cake.   But I also had more fruits and veggies than I have been having as of late!

My weight as ofo day was looking up by about two I wasn't expecting greatness.

This morning I woke up and immediately felt thirsty....that's not usually a good sign for my weight!   In fact, based on that fact I almost skipped my weigh in!   But at the last second decided to roll with it anyway!

I was back to my boomerang weight...that weight that I seem to 'fall back to'.   That's fine with me today because that means that I managed a maintain this week.   I don't know how....but I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth!!!!!

But it makes me sit back and ponder.  What am I pondering?   If my weight went down just by adding the fruits and veggies but still indulging in cake and cookies, what in the world would happen if I eradicated those things???  

Ahhhh...that's when greatness occurs I guess!

Last but not least, random tidbits......

***I got a run in yesterday morning.   It was slow but steady!  

***I only have 4.24 more running miles left to reach my 20 miles for the month!

*** 70 miles in 8 days is what I need to break even for my yearly mileage goal (so I don't fall further behind).   Yeah....we are taking our bikes this weekend, and I have two...maybe three mornings left for running to help boost the miles.   But all in all I'm just hoping to squeak through with only a minimal deficit.

***Jason is settling into his new job. He seems to really like it. Once he is in the routine and used to these hours we will hopefully get back on our bikes and back to our walks in the evenings.

***Work is still stressful.  I'm just praying really hard!

***I splurged and bought a new dollhouse last weekend.  I need another dollhouse like I need a hole in my head!   I still have a LOT of work left to do on the dollhouse that Jason got me for my birthday in December.  I have one room almost done.  The bathroom.   For the record it needs a mirror which is in the works....some picture/decoration on the wall behind the toilet....and some bathroom items in the shelves (toilet paper, bottles, etc)
Next up...the kitchen...then the living/dining room, a bedroom, a nursery and an attic.....oh and a porch!!!

I still have some small things to work on in the mini mansion too.  Bedding and little human touches...(this picture is a week or so old...the furniture is now all white)

***Ive enjoyed my nephew visiting some of these evenings.....I think Ethel enjoys it too!


Sarah said...

Congrats on the maintain. Sometimes that the biggest win.

Love the doll houses, thanks for sharing them. It's been so long since I've been into them. And don't you think all the miniature things are a bit hard to resist every time you go to the store?

TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

Woohoo! I often consider maintaining a victory!

Working on doll houses looks so fun!

Shelley said...

I can see the appeal of the dollhouses - everything is so cute when it's in miniature form!

Anonymous said...

No gail that is wonderful and some good insights learned and realized. :-)

jen said...

No gain...thats winning!!!

My g/f does mini's too...she even knits clothes for the mini people :-)