Monday, May 29, 2017

Stay tuned

So, May has been a colossal failure in terms of my May goals.  I don't have the stats yet.....a post later this week will fill in the numbers to show how bad, but suffice it to say that I don't think I will be able to say I nailed even one of my goals.  So stay tuned for the hideous results!

The complete and utter goalage failure has made me reevaluate some things.  

*****Number one. Am I focusing too much on my mileage and not enough on my healthy eating?  

*****Number two.  Are my goals to restrictive.  'I will lose enough weight to be in the next decade by the end of the month'.   I'm not saying that that is a bad goal.   But for ME...maybe it is? Maybe I need to make my goals more generalized. Something more like,  'I will lose weight this month'.   When I focus on the numbers it is so very easy to throw up my hands and say 'well, I can't make that goal anymore since I had a bad week'

******Number three. Maybe monthly goals are awesome....but maybe I need to break it down into weekly goals!    A week sounds so much more manageable!   And maybe I need to drop it lower into daily goals.    I once years ago had the idea (and I've seen it on various blogs since then) to have a calander and put stickers for each day in which I practiced healthy habits.  Each day was its on small encapsulated challenge.  

******Number four...:rewards.   I have none.   Maybe I need to come up with something tangible.  The stickers from number three would probably be a good start!

So I've got some serious thinking to do in terms of my June goals!  So stay tuned.....changes are a coming!!!!


Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with redoing your system, making things more manageable so you can reach your goals. I am going to start doing the same thing with a calendar for my own goals because seeing that daily accomplishment helps give me more fuel to go on.

Vickie said...

Losing weight is hugely about what you eat. Some people say - can't out run the fork. And that is true. It is true for maintenance also.

In my opinion you need to eat a lot cleaner foods, and more balanced foods, which is going to involve preparing your own food. Eating out is not conducive to healthy. And you are going to need to pack your food. I realize your living situation is not ideal. But ignore what they do and do your own.

Exercise is important for strength, balance, bone density, range of motion, flexibility, cardiac health, etc. But in my opinion it is a separate thing from what you eat.

You have kept yourself basically at balance point. Which means if you clean up your food and focus on that, you should lose weight steadily.

But you are going to need to keep the healthy eating habits or you will just regain.

Sarah said...

I find that breaking my goals down into weekly and daily goals is what keeps me going. And I love my daily stickers! LOL

Lynn said...

How frustrating...but you are a motivated, smart person! You will figure it out! I will say that when I regularly eat with men, I tend to eat more because they do.

jen said...

I started off real well with all my goals, lost 9.7 in 10 weeks....then the 10 weeks gained a few hundred grams. Wasted a whole 10 weeks yoyo'ing so can understand your frustration.

So I upped my calories back up to where the were in the first 10 I was doing great guns then.....and we'll see what happens !!!

jesseybell said...

If it isn't working for you, then definitely change it up!

I think focusing on the healthy eating is good - the weight loss should follow if you concentrate on that.

Anna said...

I love that you are reflecting on your goals and how you can tweak them to suit your needs. The eating component is tough, no doubt. However, you are tough too and I know you will figure out a way to bring it all together.