Wednesday, May 03, 2017


The first day of the month started off with a bang.   I ran....I mowed...we went for a 10 plus mile bike ride and we also went for a walk.  I was close to 20 miles for day one!    Day two...well I woke up and the thought of running made me literally want to cry.   My legs were soooooo sore.   I tried twice and broke down in near tears both times.  Yeah that's my sign to not do it!!!!    I had a training after work so doing something active in the evening was out too.    But....I implemented my 'strength' plan on the evening!

What is that strength plan?   Well 3 times a week I want to stop and do a series of exercises to build certain muscles that may need a wee little help!  I know that without Zumba squats and lunges are no longer easy and pain free.  (I used to be able to do both without any major aches when I was able to go to Zumba!).  So that is where I'm starting. This is a loose plan and subject to change...squats, lunges, sit ups, planks, push-ups -!; whatever else I feel I can add.

Last night I did 20 each of lunges (each side) and squats....and then I was shaky and sore so 20 is my number for those.   I did 30 sit ups (in reflection I wasn't wiped out and I should have done a few more!)....I held a plank for as long as I could...until my body began to shake like an earthquake  (forgot to time wasn't too long though), and push ups....I'm lame...let's just say I really need to work on this and I will be happy with however many I can proper one is good right now!!!   The long term plan is to intersperse the strength moves with time on the stair stepper.   
The stair stepper right now kills's not straight steps it throws a lateral movement in time on it has to be built up!!!  But I plan on it!!!  I did two stints on the stair stepper last night and that did me in....well combined with the squats and lunges it did me in!!!!  

So there is my plan.....

I am really pondering how to make the exercise and the eating two separate entities in my mind.   I'm nailing the exercise.....I don't want to rock that boat.  But my eating has really gone crazy....not horrible all the time but just not on track enough of the time.   I have tried to link the two in my mind and it's just not working.   So I am going to try to come up with some amazing way to motivate myself (something like my mileage goal).   It has to be something that I personally control.   Yes weight loss is under my control, but it is subjective.   I want and need something that gives me a black and white pass/fail.   The weight loss will just be a side benefit!!!

So now it's time to set a second boat out to float beside the exercise boat.....let's add the boat of healthy eating!!!! I can manage both!!!!


Sarah said...

You can definitely do it! Did you go to Michael's and check out the fitness planner? It has helped me a lot.

I think your body needed a rest and the change in exercises will definitely help.

You are so rocking this! Awesome start to May.

BEE said...

Awesome job!!! 20 miles is amazing!!! You got this keep fighting the good fight!!!

TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

You can totally manage both!

Anonymous said...

You can do this !!!!!!

jesseybell said...

Great start to the month with exercise!

Do you know what your pitfalls with the eating are? (if you do, you don't really talk about them) I keep forgetting what you do for work, but you don't appear to have a consistent schedule which can be hard. Are you not planning? Planning but then changing course eating something less healthy? I also can imagine that you are going out to eat a lot with the man? Try to just make small changes - don't try to do it all at once. I know, all things you've heard before - easier said than done, I know it!

Lynn said...

The stair stepper is hard, I don't know why that is! If I had extra $$ I would buy an elliptical for my house, but I'd want a gym quality one, and I could go to my gym for 10 years for the price of that!