Friday, April 28, 2017


On Wednesday after noon Jason and I headed out on our bikes. We were biking to a more remote location on the hunt for morel mushrooms. Dang but those things are hard to find this year!!! We found all sorts of other mushrooms but not the right ones!

But the good thing?   We got some miles in on our bikes. However my legs were heavy the whole ride.  I didn't let it slow me down though.  I rode until our time was up.  Meaning, we didn't set it with a certain mileage in mind.  We set out with a set amount of time.   We knew what time we would have to turn in order to get back to the car so we could meet our other obligations.    

On Thursday morning I got up and ran.  The first mile was rough. I was hating life!!!!  I walked quite a bit!!!   At the one mile mark I was given my stats and I had an epiphany.  Wow, even with walking my average pace for that mile was the same as my pace from the run on Tuesday!    I was running way too fast for my ability!    I slowed it down a bit and didn't have to walk....and my average pace for my miles actually went down...even more than Tuesday's run!!! So yes sometimes we have to slow down to actually speed up!!!

My weight.....well let's just say I know it's me.  Let's just also say that I have only fracked very minimally this week. (Breakfast since it's the same every day!!).  I'm disgusted with myself.  I'm disgusted with my weight.   I'm just disgusted!   But like I said I know it's my fault!!!!   


Sarah said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. Things are still going good.

I had to slow down too. I was going way to fast to do any good.

jesseybell said...

I know the scale is frustrating, but here you go being super active girl again!

What are your biggest pitfalls in terms of eating?

Anonymous said...

The scale isn't always a good thing to go by. You are being active and trying so dont be so hard on yourself about your weight.