Wednesday, January 04, 2017

My cats think I'm crazy

My cats think I'm crazy....and they may be right!!!!

So I challenged myself (ok I copied the idea....and challenged myself with someone else's idea) with 2017 miles in 2017.   I got a Fitbit for Christmas (gift was received in New Years Eve, just in time for the new year) which was perfect!!!  I know that 2000 steps is roughly a mile...perfect, a 10k step day would be about 5 miles...which is coincidentally almost exactly what I needed each day (ok so I need a bit over 5 miles but we will worry about that later...a nice long bike ride will eat up those bits and pieces of miles!)

On the first and second I easily got my steps in as jason and I were out and about and moving.  (10,264 and 11,985 respectively) and I didn't even have to think about it.   On the third I returned to work.  I wanted to see what an average day for me was.  An average day meaning no exercise and no going out of my way to add steps.   I only took 3575 steps...and I moved a bit more at work than normal.  Whew....I am going to have to step it up on work days!!!      Today, the fourth I was being a lazy bum and had the smaller number of steps (I was at 3k) until after work when Jason (who was recovering from a stomach bug) wanted to take a wee little walk.  All of a sudden a cold stroll around the park skyrocketed my steps and I got home and was sitting within spitting distance of my 10k step goal!!!  

After working on my dollhouse a bit, I sat back and thought about those steps.  I really don't want to get behind in my 2017 miles!   It's easy to say 'oh I'll pick up those missed miles on the bike this summer'. Or 'we will hike an extra mile or two this weekend to make up for those miles'.  It is so easy to do that!  But I don't want to procrastinate myself out of the challenge!  I don't want to get way far behind the 8 ball...aiming for only 5 miles already means that I'm running a bit shy of what I need each week!  If I get too far behind I will give up.   I know me!!! And I will give up!   

So I trotted myself over to my stair was given to me and I've used it...ohhh about zero times!!!

I hopped on and started rolling.   3 minutes in and my legs were on FIRE!!!  I hopped off and sat down.  Man I still had 2k steps to go.   So I walked back and forth in my tiny abode to get my steps.  (And I hopped on the demon stair stepper thingy a few more goal is to make it to 4 minutes on it!).   The cats just watched me pace and walk.  I could see the look of curiosity in their eyes as they watched my madness!!

I don't have many steps over fact I came to bed to read as soon as I hit I will most likely finish my day at 10,004 steps and that's ok....because I'm still in the game!!!!

Tomorrow's goal is to make a chart for me to track my steps/miles!

I started tracking again on myfitnesspal.  And yes...I'm doing more than logging on to hold my streak (I'm only at day four since I let the last one go!!) I am actually logging my food!  Imagine that!!!

Today was my official weigh in day...I showed a slight loss from last week...pretty much a maintain. Regardless, I have my beginning number and I am ready to rock this year and lose this weight once and for all!!!!


Out of my head said...

Wow I love how positive you are. You have inspired me. I must admit the last couple of days I lost my enthusiasm. Not many people posting and it gets me motivated when I read them. I love the way you have worked out ways to get the steps in for the day. The interesting ways to get extra steps is fabulous.

TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

Good job getting your steps! Cats are crazy themselves so don't worry :)

I also have a desk job and have to work hard to make 5,000 steps during the week.

jesseybell said...

Getting steps in during the work day is hard!!

If I walk around (inside) my floor at work, it is slightly less than 400 steps. Today I decided to see if I walk up 2 flights of stairs, walk that loop, then down a flight, walk that loop, down another flight and do that loop and back to my desk, it was as expected about 1200 steps - and I got stairs in and I wouldn't be annoying people by walking by their desk a lot of times - what I didn't do was clock how long it took me! I would love to do that 3 times during the work day - If I can leave with about 6,000 steps it is good, but still, trying to get in 4000 steps at home?! Can't do that without my treadmill and that is SO boring!