Saturday, December 17, 2016

Which way did it go?

My vacation ended on Wednesday morning when I went back to work.  I had made the very conscious decision to clean up my eating at the same time!   So now it's Saturday and time to check in to see how I have done.

I haven't weighed myself since my weigh in on Wednesday.  Wednesday are my official weigh in day and I'm ok with not checking daily.  Although maybe I need to get back to it, even if just for a marker and a daily reminder to clean it up or a pat on the back for a job well done.  Hmmmm.  

I will say that my clothes feel tighter than I like them.  The 10 pounds I have gained in the last so months are showing!  I don't like that!!!!

So was my welcome back to 'real life' a success or a failure?

It wasn't a colossal failure.  But I wouldn't call it an utter success either!  

Wednesday and Thursday my calories topped at around 1500 - 1600 calories.  I aim for 1200.....but 1500 isn't bad at all.  (And would have been better had I actually exercised!!).  Friday...well my calories were outrageously high!!  2300 high!!!    

(Christmas cookies....the devil incarnate!!)

So where does this leave me????  It wasn't a failure but wasn't a success.

I'm actually happy with my efforts this week.  I have tracked.... and other than the one day I wasn't too far out of whack with my eating. (And while I can blame the was really the 1500 calorie screaming scicillian holy pepperoni pizza that killed my calories on Friday!!)

I know I need to clean up the eating.  And by cleaning up the eating I don't mean , cleaning up/eating all of the random cookies that are leftover!   

Exercise.  I KNOW I need to kick it into gear!   I like to run outside...but dread starting back!!!   And there are always excuses, it's cold, my knees hurt, it's dark, it's too something!!!  Well, I pay for a gym membership (that I never use).  So saying that it is cold is not a valid excuse!!! The problem??   Honestly, I hate running in a treadmill?  I hate being inside...I would rather run outside.  I would rather ride my bike outside!  A stuffy old gym isn't any fun!   But in the cold...and with my schedule where it's dark pretty much all the hours that I'm not at may be a necessity!!!  

So how can I work  exercise back into my life?

  1. Schedule exercise!  Schedule which days I exercise and take no excuses!   I did that with Zumba.  I went to Zumba regardless of the weather or how I felt!  It was scheduled into my day and I went!  (Well unless they cancelled or if I really was injured or sick!). 
  2. Watch the weather and plan plan plan!  
  3. If the weather is warmer by all means sleep in a bit and go outside for a run!!!
  4. If the weather is cold and icky...drag my butt out of bed earlier and go to the gym!!!!  Even if that means that I have to go to the gym at 5am!!!   A lot of times I'm awake at that hour...I'm just being lazy and laying in bed playing on my phone or iPad!!  And yes...I did just say gym and 5am in the same sentence....kinda shocked the heck out of me too!!
  5. Alert my parents to my plans....that is an excuse I use frequently...well if I leave they will worry about where I went or I may scare them when I'm rattling through the house at 4 or 5 AM!
  6. Lay out my clothes the night before!!!!!  And that includes exercise  clothes AND work clothes!  Make the transition from bed to exercise  and exercise to work easy!!!
  7. Too cold to get to the gym because the car would need scraped and warmed and it just kills too much time?  Or because I'm running late?  I have tons of exercise videos!!!  
  8. Grab any type of extra activity that I can.  There are tons of chances for movement *walking outside on my lunch break on nice days                                                                      *going up and down the steps on cold days * using the steeper/thigh workout machiney thing I have at home.                        *exercise videos...I have a ton of them!!!
  9. Pray for nice weather on days I'm off or when I have a few hours of sunlight when I'm not working so that I can get on my bike....or lace up the hiking boots......or simply walk on the canal!  All things that Jason and I like to do together!

I really should have absolutely no excuse!!!  

And in the meantime....I need to keep the really cool clothes I've seen at some of the stores I've been in recently first and foremost in my mind!   I want to buy clothes that fit perfectly...not clothes I barely fit into...tightly!!!! 


TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

Cute clothes are one of the reasons I want to lose weight too. Unfortunately, it's kind of hard to be cute in 2XL:(

Those are great goals to get yourself exercising regularly. It's so easy to make excuses (I mean, it REALLY IS cold and dark all the time this time of year), but if we want it badly enough, we'll find a way to make it happen!!!

jen said...

Planning and tracking…they are the key for weight loss for me too…

Cathy said...

Can you go to the gym after work or during lunch? I have started lifting weights during lunch at the gym and run after work (but I prefer running after than before). But you could maybe go to the gym, if it's too cold, after work as a backup plan if you don't get out of bed in the morning.