Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The cost of obesity

You know....this food addiction is costly.  What a waste of money!!!

Last week I was meeting Jason and he was running a few minutes late so I popped into a CVS to pick up a greeting card.  I saw this.....

Yes I have to admit that the chocolate was in my hand as I walked around.  I wanted it!!!

But then I started thinking about what else I wanted to do with my money.   I have lights to buy for my dollhouse!!!!  (And my birthday dollhouse to build, light and furnish!!). Three or four bucks could buy me something for that!!! (Part of  something maybe)

Yeah, I put the chocolate back....ashamed to admit not because of the calories but because of the money....mostly!!!

Obesity every way!!!!    

So my weekly weigh in was this morning....arrggh!   Can I leave it at that????   Last week I was so happy with my 'I held steady and didn't gain weight like I did the first vacation of this fall.   Well it just took a few days to catch up apparently!!!!

Yeah I've eaten chocolate today.  What's wrong with me????  (Nope I didn't buy it...customers have been dropping off chocolate and treats for us!)

I believe that I'm going to just 'be' for the next few days.  Try to curb the intake...but not stress...but after Christmas hit it hard!!!!   And add in that exercise.

(Of course I wrote about exercise in my last post and ended up with something wrong with my arm!!!  Grrr)


TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

Good job on putting down the chocolate! But you're SO RIGHT. Obesity is such an expensive disease. I think I've personally kept some fast food joints in good financial standing. Ugh.

jesseybell said...

Awesome job putting down the chocolate.
I do keep saying that money is no object when it comes to losing weight, which means if I want Brigham's ice cream (that only comes in quarts), I'll buy it, have a bowl and then put the rest down the drain (because I have no will power). But not buying it to begin with is huge!

Merry Christmas!

Out of my head said...

Well done for not buying the chocolate.