Friday, November 25, 2016

The smell of success

Who in their right mind decides to get back on track with their healthier lifestyle on thanksgiving week??????  Thanksgiving day????

Oh yeah, that would be me.

 So I've written my blog posts over and over in the past year...or two or three about 'getting back on track'.  So when I wrote that on Wednesday, the day before thanksgiving it was insane....right?

Except......thanksgiving day was a total success!

When I got out of bed one of the FIRST things I did was to go out for a run.   And run officially made me a total bad ass!!!!   It wasn't a pretty run by any legs ACHED as did my feet.  But I am a badass because it was thanksgiving morning and I was was cold....and it started to rain less than a tenth of a mile into my run (I was still in view of my house!!!) but I kept going and as I mentioned, it HURT!!   I didn't run far, I turned around at about the one mile mark.  I didn't do my normal route but stayed a bit closer to home by winding and circling close to home, but I did it!!!   Yup...badass!!!

I got home and immediately started in on the laundry....and my parents laundry....7 loads...maybe 8....all pushed through the cycles amidst my other activities.

I hopped into the kitchen beside my mother and we worked on 'the meal'.

I did take some time to nibble on a few things..probably not the healthiest things but that's ok....I didn't gorge and I didn't graze all morning!!!  (I had about three or four club crackers with cream cheese, a small bowl of the stuffing, and yes a piece of cake about mid morning because I was starving!)

When the meal prep was under control and things were in a lull, I went to my brothers house and spent some time with his kitty cat..

And I went to where the bulk of my belongings are stored and grabbed my one bike.   Oh it was tempting to grab both of them....but I knew that realistically I would only be riding the one for the time being (winter is rolling in!) I came home and pulled my bike off the car, locked it up on our porch and pumped up the tires....and checked them periodically for the next few hours to make sure that the old tubes were not compromised after the long hiatus from biking.

I did lots of small little chores that needed done...stuff like my car registration...into the glove compartment and the new sticker put ion the license plate. (It was windy and cold earlier this week, I waited for a more temperate day!)

Finally at 11:45 I took a shower....I had been in my feet and moving all morning.  I laid with MY cat mertz for a few minutes before heading back upstairs to help with the final preparations for the meal.  We ate and by 1:45 I was clearing off the table...packaging leftovers....washing washing washing dishes.   

By 2:30 I was knocking on Jason's door and we headed off!!!

Where in the world did we go on thanksgiving day? Were we Black Friday shopping?   Heck no!!!!

We went to the canal and took a nice long bike ride.  Ok, we were out for about  an hour and a half....we ran out of light (and truth be known we were ready to get off the bikes!  My butt needs to harden up and get used to riding agains)!!!   

We drove home...made one or two stops (I was CRAVING a diet soda...we needed gas in the car, etc) and made our way home through country roads.

Home again at 6:30 I was hungry and craving a peanut butter and jelly that's what I had (yes...with a fridge full of leftovers I had a pb&j...I've always said the creation of the pb&j was God's gift to the human race!!)

I relaxed the rest of the evening....and boy, did I feel the effects of my active day!!!   My leg muscles ache!!!!  Seriously...a couple years off a bike followed by a 15 mile ride equals pain!  Plus remember my run was painful also.  (The bike ache is thighs...the running ache was legs 'o steel will be all right on a while if I continue!)

My total calorie count for the day?????  I ate 1957 in said I burned 1389....leaving me with a deficit of 632...not bad for a holiday!!!   (My plate was mostly veggies at lunch...and I didn't stuff myself because I KNEW that I was heading out with my bike and I didn't want to feel like a trussed up turkey!)

Up next???  More bike rides through out this weekend!!!!  (The weather looks perfect for it!!  A little cool but not cold!).  Probably more running during my work week next week as that fits in with my schedule the best.  And more concentration on keeping my intake of calories low...and my output of calories high!!!

I feel more hopeful about actually getting this weight back off after a successful holiday!!!


Lynn said...

Good for you! I ran this morning. I knew the gym would be busy!

KB said...

Congratulations. I'm about to go for a walk with the dog :)

TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

Omg!! I'm so so so proud of you!!!! What a great way to spend Thanksgiving instead of immobile from a food coma (like me).