Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Here we are

Here I am...sitting in the cusp of thanksgiving day and a weigh in day to boot.    I am not happy with my weight!   Not at all!

So let's start and say I know why my weight is up.   Lots of delicious ice cream has not been kind.    Nor has too many carbs in my meals.   I have always historically had to limit my bread....I haven't been doing that.   Oh and did I mention the French fries???  Yeah...too many 'add fries to that carby/bready sandwich'. 

I also know I'm not exercising near enough!!!!  

Double whammy!!

The good thing?  I know what needs to be done to fix the situation.   I need to limit  the foods that are not good for me....for me that means tracking. 

  I also have to get off my butt and exercise!

I'm getting the itch to ride my bikes.  Jason has been bike shopping....and I've been in the stores with him.....the bikes have a certain draw for me!!!

Plus I have this running thing I like to do....

As I sat here at work this morning thinking about it I was trying to think of a fantastic reward.   Something that would motivate me.  Money does...but seriously...taking my own money from my 'play savings account' to use for reward play doesn't motivate me...I desperately need to come up with something rewarding!!!

In the goals and plans?   Track track track....keep my food within budget and exercise at least 3-4 times a week...preferably more!!!!

So the other week I swung into bath and body works and picked up some lotion in my favorite scent.  I had a coupon for something free so I picked up the matching body wash...which I have been out of for a while (I've been using cheap stuff!).   I have been using the lotion but the body wash not.  So when I was in the shower the first day the scent of that body wash was wafting around me and to me it was the smell of independence!

You see...I had almost always used the same scents...but about a year ago I was sniffing away and picked out a different  scent to try.   I took it with me and used it for the first time when I went on vacation by myself.   That vacation was a big deal for me....because I took control of my single life and realized that alone or with someone that I would be better than ok....I wouldn't sit on my couch and shrivel up and die.....I was going to live my life.    Mentally I took flight.  It was honestly a huge thing for me...coming on the heels of a divorce...a breakup foreign a guy I saw for a few months after my divorce....the purging of a very unhealthy friend.  So in the midst of all that hangs I swapped scents and found a new one...that I incidentally love....(Jason likes it too thank heavens).   The smell of independence!!!!   That is what bath and body pink chiffon smells like to me. 

  And I have no clue how this relates to weight loss...but it's gotta be tied in someway.  After all, it's all interconnected right?????

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SlimExpectations said...

Hey happy thanksgiving:)
You have to just forgive yourself and move on:)
I think you are on the right path!
Be kind to yourself. We all are victims of our own food ;)