Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Where to begin!!!!

So much to say......

Part 1

My weekly official weigh in was this morning.   I am happy to announce that I lost 2.4 pounds!  Weeeeee!!!!!   

My week wasn't perfect.   I was far from perfect with my eating!

 I was however pretty active!!!   So when I  added in my activity calories I did pretty good!!!

It wasn't a spot on week but it was pretty good!!

I ran a few times.  I walked a lot. 

I'm not looking for perfection.  I'm looking for a sustainable lifestyle!!! 

So this past week.... I am going to call it a success!!!   

Part 2

Hair hair everywhere

About 6-9 months ago I started noticing some mad hair loss.....at first I wasn't concerned.  It happens. I went out and got my hair cut/trimmed because that typically helps.   It didn't help.   I've been concerned because at the rate of hair I feel I'm losing I fear that I will be bald in another 6 months!

I have tried vitamins.  (A woman's one a day)...and still take the vitamins!

Was it the hair coloring I use to cover my gray??  (Yeah yeah...I'm going gray!!!).  I color as infrequently as possible!   (Last time was right around April 1)

I have never been high maintenance so blow dryers and whatnot rarely come near my head anyway so it's not that!!!

I switched to sulfate free shampoo and conditioner

I have tried medicated shampoos.  (Pee euuuu my head smelled like a hospital)

Was it because I wore my hair up in a twist and/or a pony tail 90% of the time??  I switched to wearing my hair down as much as possible for a while (and still do...besides Jason likes it down!)

I've wondered if it was the stress (delayed a while) of my marriage breaking up.

Whatever the reason, It has been concerning.

Maybe it's the simplest solution of all! I have long written that eating healthy in my current living conditions is difficult.  Before my separation it was typical for me to eat well over my 5 servings of fruits and veggies each day.  I realized the other day/week that I'm lucky to get one or two servings a day...and that's being generous...I probably average less than 1 serving a day.   

That's bad on a whole bunch of levels!  But that said....I'm going to try to up the intake....maybe that is affecting the hair falling out. (Not breaking...falling out!)

It makes sense though....proper nutrition is important!!!!!!

Part 3

Stupid weather yesterday kept me from walking on my lunch break!   It turned black....then rained for 5 minutes.  It started to look clear again so I started to think about going back out.   Before I could enact upon it it turned black and threatening again...and eventually rained again for 5 minutes or so.  It repeated this over and over throughout the day!!   No lunch break walk for me!!!     Jason and I walked at the city park though!!!!   Better luck today!!!!  (Although we just had a wee little rain and storm blow through.)


jesseybell said...

I am dealing with hair loss as well and have gone through all the same thoughts. I felt like it started when I started actually coloring my hair versus highlights, but my hairdresser said I was crazy when I felt like that could be the cause. It does seem to come and go - I also wondered if it happens when I run more, so more sweaty, hair up in pony tails (or in my case pig tails :). I've been wondering if it was due to monthly cycles, but when I am in hair-loss cycles, it lasts for months and isn't happening for months. My doctor did suggest maybe getting my thyroid checked, but I've been chicken about getting my blood drawn.

Shelley said...

Hormones? Also the pony tail thing - my hair has suffered because of that. Hope you figure out what is causing this!

Big congrats on the nice scale love this week! Keep doing what you're doing - it's working!

Rebooting Myself said...

I have hair loss issues too. I'm currently being treated for borderline anemia and getting iron intravenously (sp?). I've noticed since my numbers have been back closer to the normal range, that my hair isn't falling out in gobs in the shower anymore. Also trying to eat a more balanced diet as well. It may be a combination of the two perhaps? Have you had your iron or thyroid levels checked lately?

Lori said...

Great job on the weight loss! I am glad to see that even without perfection weight loss can be achieved. That, in my mind, is the way to do it.

I had a lot of hair loss prior to surgery. I blamed the pain meds. Since I've been off of them the hair loss has stopped. But Desiree's comment makes me think perhaps it was anemia. I was diagnosed with that after the second surgery. I've been taking a women's multi-vitamin with iron every day. It could be that.

I cannot be hair coloring! It just can't.