Tuesday, June 07, 2016


Mighty I actually see a bit of success tomorrow on my official weigh in????  This morning's sneak peak looked good!!!!   That would be fantastic and go a LONG way to keeping me motivated to get this weight off!  (As if being able to shop for cool clothes and gear isn't motivation enough!!).  

Moving, activity and exercise is the key for me at this juncture in my life.   I know it!!  The first time I lost weight I was so focused on food.  I was regimented and totally like a drill sergeant with what went into my mouth!  And I often talked about how I missed the innocence of being able to order a milkshake. Or eat a French fry or whatever!  So consequentially when I reached my goal (and yes maintained long enough to be a lifetime member at weight watchers) I tasted the fries...the cakes...the milkshakes.   And I gained.   And gained.   And gained.

This time around I am trying to not be so regimented!   I eat the greasy pizza when Jason and I order it. And yes I eat 2-3 slices!!!   Sometimes I get a milkshake!  In fact, I ate a slice of cake for breakfast today after my run (I had a banana earlier so it wasn't a total unhealthy breakfast!) . The difference?  Well there are a few things that have shifted in my thinking...

1.  I'm more active.  I am trying to make being active my new lifestyle!   We walk, we hike, I run (and we have our challenge thing). and I hope to get out my bikes soon!!!!   The activity counter balances those special indulgences!

2.  It's not an all or nothing deal.  For me to say I'll never eat a greasy  pizza...or never have a milkshake..or never have a slice of cake is asinine and just setting myself up for failure!   I know myself and eating 100% on target for the rest of my life is not a viable long term solution.   Maybe 80% though!  

3.  It's not about the number on the scale any longer it's about my overall health!  I want to be healthy as I start to get older.  I want to be an old person that is hiking and running marathons.  I want to live my life to the fullest and not be sitting as an invalid in a nursing home!  

Eating is important.....very important...but exercise is the key!!!!  :-)

So my last 24 hours...
Let me backtrack to yesterday and start where I left off.    I decided to walk on my lunch break at work.   The reasoning is twofold.   There are some things happening that are stressing me out big time at my work.  (Enough that I have on a few occasions arrived to spend the evening with Jason after work...he greets me with a hug and I just start to bawl!  Poor guy, what a greeting!!). So with that stress it's a good thing to get out of the building for my allotted 30 minutes!   Plus, it may only be a mile to a mile and a half but it's movement in an otherwise sedentary 8 hours!!!  

It was a gorgeous day to walk!   
The one alley I was walking...

And an ivy covered historic house mixed in with some patriotism....

It really helped to break up the day!

After work I met up with Jason and we went to Tayamentasachta (I think the spelling is correct).  The Greencastle, PA school farm.   We walked about 2 miles there.   It was the first time Jason had been back in years and it was interesting to have him verbalize his memories and compare them with the current place...how much trees had grown and whatnot!  

A nice huge old tree.  According to the monument it is over 350 years old and the second largest/oldest in the state of PA. 

And some fungus that caught our eye!!

We also found the geocache that I couldn't find to save my soul last summer!!  Jason found it in seconds! 

I got home at about 7 and spent a bit of time with my family.

This morning I got up and ran 2.55 miles.  Slooooow miles but I ran!!   I'm planning on walking again on my lunch break even though it will be warm....I liked how it broke up my day!!   And Jason and I are supposed to meet when I get off work tonight so we will probably find another park somewhere to walk (or the canal).   

Mental shifting in my thoughts?  Maybe....but I think I'm in a better place with where I am.   My eating still isn't spot on but I'm on a positive path!!!

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