Monday, April 25, 2016

Welcome Monday

Happy Monday!   Back to the salt mines! I am going to put it out there right now that I don't think that my weigh I this week will be complimentary.   

I was active.....that's not the problem! (Ok not as active as the mad miles previous week..but still active!).

On Wednesday I walked at Cowans Gap...about 6 miles.  
I took Thursday off and did absolutely no exercise!   It was the right choice!  My legs needed the day of rest.

Friday I woke up and ran 3.52 the evening  Jason and I walked about 2 miles!   (For some reason we did a speed walk pace too....probably because we are goofballs!)

Saturday we ended up in Front Royal, VA.    We didn't have a whole bunch of time so we walked on a path in a park.  (Yeah....there were a bunch of geocaches along the path which may have helped us decide to go to this park...ok it may have helped ME decide to go there!!)

On Sunday we headed to Sky Meadows State Park.   We walked around and inspected the historic area and buildings.  

And then we headed off on the trails....up up up we went.  We inspected the ruins high on the mountain (ok actually this was only about one mile up...we still had another mile or so of climbing after this.  

The overlooks were not as awe inspiring as some others we have visited but the valley was still pretty!  The trails were key well...and it was another pretty hike.  

So two miles of steady climbing.....two miles of walking along the ridge line (part in the A.T.) one mile of gradual downhill and then one mile of a steep descent.  My legs were jelly!!!    We were sunburnt (again.....and this time it's rather stupid as I had sunscreen in the daypack)!!!   We were happy!!!   We slowly made our way home...stopping in quaint towns, driving through ritzy areas with huge horse farms, picked up one or two geocaches, stopped at some old cemetaries and just had a delightful time.

So why do I not expect the scales to show me the love?  There was some stress eating on Wednesday and Thursday.  And that's ok.  I recognize it and I can move on from it.   

Upward and onward!!!!


SlimExpectations said...

I know what you mean. At times I feel we need to not let the scales rule us, but the I'm still not there?

I'm sure we will make it soon :)

Lori said...

Life happens and we cannot expect to eat on plan 100% of the time. I'm sorry there was stress in your life that caused you to want to eat. The important thing is to deal with the stress and not let the eating derail you completely.

Lynn said...

You do such interesting hikes. I really like to see the old buildings.

JenBsJourney said...

I've been struggling with Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream feeling like a (temporary) cure for stress, anxiety, depression ... it's the eating! Even being active can't keep up.

Anna said...

Love snooping around old cemeteries - I don't think I have seen a tombstone like that one before.

Unknown said...

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MyStalkerIsFat said...

Cowan's Gap! I used to live near there! I haven't been there in so long. Thanks for bringing back memories!