Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Weekly Weigh In

Well, today was my official weigh in.   232.4  So I am down a bit from last week.   Precious little....but I'll take it.  One week left of this Love Bites Challenge.  Right now I am showing down 1.6 pounds in this challenge (I was 234 at the beginning of this/end of the last challenge).  That's better than nothing and WAY better than a gain.

  There is NO WAY that I will make my goal of 220.0 by next Wednesday.  I'm OK with that.  I'm not HAPPY with myself, but I'm ok with it.   I'm thinking that it would be a victory if I can somehow pull out a 230.0 for this weigh me a 4 pound loss...and 2.4 pounds in this next week (which is doable.)  Either way...I'm fine with whatever happens this week as long as I actually work toward the goal!

Yesterday I went to the gym and ran just shy of 3 miles.  My foot didn't fair well on that run.  In fairness, it was bothering me before I began.  I know that after the snow hike on Sunday that it was tender, so I'm assuming that the icky feeling after the run yesterday was because of that.    Honestly, the snowy hike is motivating me.   I as pleasantly surprised to realize that yes I was moving my body and it was a workout but I was not sore and achy from using the muscles.  Yay me!  I was with an avid hiker and ended up feeling better when it was over.  (go figure)   So in terms of physical wellness, I know that my running and zumba (we won't even talk about me losing that....but I do have to hit up a class at the gym soon!) have kept me in somewhat decent shape.  I don't want to lose that and would actually prefer to build upon that.  But once again, it comes down to gear.   I was wearing jeans to hike in the snow....not the wisest hiking clothing.  My pants were soaked up to my thighs.  My companion was wearing hiking water resistant/quick drying pants and he was dry as all get out.  Guess I need to invest in something similar for use in hiking if I plan on doing it much more.  (I also have had some similar issues with sweat...jeans just soak up the sweat and become nasty  and wet!)   And that is the crux of the matter.  They are not cheap.....and  I hate to spend the money on pants that I HOPE to have shrunk out of within a few months!   Yes....we talked about it on Sunday and I will buy them on the tight side so that I can just have a baggy pair that is still usable.  But still.....I'm on the cusp of being able to buy these pants at a 'regular store' would be NICE to be able to buy them at a 'regular' store and maybe to be able to not have to replace them in a few months. (Although that will make some person that shops at my local goodwill a happy camper when I drop off a bag of clothes that are too big for me!!!)    Talk about motivation?

I was able to maintain a good balance in my eating yesterday.  I was proud of myself.  I knew that I would be having cake and ice cream last night to celebrate my niece and nephews birthdays so I ate accordingly throughout the day.  And guess what? I kept my calories not exactly spot on...but really close!   One day of success under my belt.  Next day coming up!    I will work to build upon this success!!!

Meanwhile, I have to break a really bad habit.   What is that bad habit?  Last night I got home at 8:30 and instead of settling in and actually DOING something; I have instead put on my pajamas and headed to bed.  I don't go to sleep immediately....I lay in bed and read or play mindless games on my ipad.   I think part of it is because it's cold outside (cool in the basement where I reside) and it just makes more sense to curl up under the blankets and get toasty warm there versus settle in on the chair or couch...get warm there and then have to move to the cold bed.   But it's KILLING my time.   What could I be doing?   Anything really.   I could be playing the piano, surfing the internet, writing, watching tv, something productive!!!!   I could be exercising!   I have a ton of videos!  

We shall see!!!!!!!


Tricia Coniglio said...

I am glad to see you are still keeping at it! Sometimes the body just needs to rest.

TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

I can't even remember what it's like to shop in a "regular" store anymore.

Our beds are just so inviting. Sigh. I also get in kind of early to just do nothing but read or play on my iPad.

Denise said...

you are doing great

Unknown said...

Keep persevering my friend!

Lynn said...

Try Sierra Trading Post, just google it if you haven't been there yet. You can often get good deals on things like hiking pants.

Anonymous said...

You're "trending down," that's the important thing! Hang in there...progress, not perfection!

Lori said...

You are building on success, however slowly. Don't worry about the speed, just keep moving towards your goal.

I have the same dilemma about clothes. I don't want to buy them in this size but my wardrobe is wearing out. At least, I work from home and don't have to really 'dress up' that often.

Anna said...

I love what you said about building on success. I have found that it helps me to concentrate on the next best choice. So I ate a piece of time I get the urge I can make a better choice. I am also working on the plan ahead you described...know you are going to indulge a little later and adjust accordingly. Keep it up :)