Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Little Things

Weight loss and healthy living is actually very simple.  There are so many teeny tiny changes that a person can make.  Teeny tiny changes.   And teeny tiny changes made one at a time makes this whole journey just a little easier and a tad bit more manageable.  

They may be teeny and tiny but sometimes little things sometimes have amazingly large benefits!  I have already started (restarted) some of these habits.........and I plan on picking the last one up immediately!

Diet Soda

I gave up diet soda back in October.   It was a big deal for me because of the caffeine addiction that I had going on.  Headaches galore, but I pushed through.  I made it through traveling without indulging in a diet soda and I was proud of myself.   I am still 'mostly' caffeine and soda free.    I say mostly because I will be honest and say that on occasion I did grab a Diet Soda.  I think my last one was last week at one point or another.  Even more interesting?   When I do indulge in something other than water, it is almost sticky sweet and I immediately crave water!   I will call this a win.   A teeny tiny change in my life......but great big benefits.

I saw an article recently that an occasional diet soda drinker has a waist that is 1.83 inches bigger than a non diet soda drinker.  And a daily diet soda drinker is 3.16 inches larger.  Hmmmmmm  Isn't that interesting???? I don't know how true these facts are....but lets just say that looking at the nutrition label of Diet Soda....there is NOTHING there that resembles health!


That brings me to water.  I drink it.  I drink a lot and I feel like I need a lot more if you want to know the truth.  Right now I am knocking back about 60 ounces of water and I still probably need to increase that a bit.    Such a minor thing to do....but what wonderful benefits!!!

I have had instances in the past where I was having cramps in my legs and other minor issues.  I remember struggling with these weird little 'quirks' of my body and then having the lightbulb go on in my head......I was dehydrated!   Each time, I pounded the water for a few days and voila.....the problem was fixed.

Tiny effort but HUGE affects!

Multi Vitamins

Yes, the first time I was was losing I was religious about taking a multi vitamin.  Admittedly, I struggle with this one.  I struggle with taking any medication/pill.  But I know that my body needs the boost.  I would LOVE to say that I was eating the proper foods and the proper amounts to get all of my vitamin needs naturally.  But I know that it is just not possible.   Thus......I need to up the intake of my multi vitamin.

This is a journey to health.....not a race to the finish line!


Alati said...

So true! I know that for me the biggest issue is sticking to the changes! Great post :)

MyStalkerIsFat said...

I have fallen into many bad habits since the holidays, and not taking my multivitamin is one of them! Thanks for the reminder to get back on track.

Lori said...

You are so right. Little changes made one at a time lead to amazing results.

TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

I know this sounds crazy, but I swear that my belly gets fatter when I'm drinking diet sodas regularly. Even if my weight doesn't go up, it's like the fat travels to my midsection.

Giving up diet sodas is a great little change to make!

Anna said...

Soda is a big one - you won't regret leaving it behind. I had quite the affair with Diet Coke. I occasionally drink a soda now, but never Diet has been a couple years and I still don't trust myself :) Wishing you a fantastic 2016 :)

#fatfreefloozy said...

I am so jealous that you like water! I just have to force myself and sometimes it will be a whole week and I'll realise that I haven't had a glass. Hopefully the 40 degree days here, plus some exercise will help me to rectify that!

Lori said...

You're so right about little changes! Great job on the soda! I know how hard that is!