Monday, January 04, 2016

Word of the year and a plan!

I am seriously contemplating trying a nice little run tomorrow morning   My foot still has a few twinges here and there.....but I think 80% of that is just sore and tight muscles up my leg.  The ankle pain comes from twisting the ankle not from forward motion.   Well imagine that, I don't really twist my ankle when I run so I should be good!  My reasoning?  If I can go hiking and for long days of walking then there shouldn't be a problem with running a measly mile or two.  Right?????  It's time!  The sad part?   I just looked at the weather and it is supposed to be 15 degrees tomorrow morning......I may have to break down and do the time on the treadmill at the gym if the windchill is too much colder. Ok, maybe that is good thing....on a treadmill I can step off at anytime if my ankle bothers me. (oh who am I kidding....if I am out running and my foot is bothersome, I could call any number of people in my family and they would pick me up in a heartbeat!).   We shall see....tomorrow may be they glorious return!

I was reading through some of the blogs that I follow and I came across the concept of a "Word of the Year" on Kerstin's blog, Deardietmonster.

I liked the idea...but I wanted to read more about this word of the year concept.  Hey, that's how I roll.  I started researching on the internet and came across this website  and this blog post.  They pretty much just said that instead of focusing on finite goals (for example New Years Resolutions)  instead pick one word and focus on achieving that one word within your life.  Sounds pretty easy but immensely difficult all rolled into one.  But it makes total sense to me.  

Hmmmm.....immediately I started to think about what I would want my word to be.   Words flew at me so fast I was bobbing, weaving and ducking in order to not get hit by the flying words.  Thin......Svelte.....healthy....  Oh yeah, all of those worked just fine.  In fact better than fine.  They all totally encompassed what I would LOVE my year to be.  But they just didn't suffice.   Active????   Could that be my word of the year?   No, that didn't work either.  I want to have an active lifestyle but that is way to subjective on health, weather and moods.

I have written in this blog for years (10 years tomorrow.....and yes, I've been working on my 10 years in review post for tomorrow.) and I have long talked about how this journey is more than just watching what I eat.  I have long written about how emotions, the stresses of life and the different aspects of life play into our weight loss successes and failures.  Everything really is interconnected.  Thus I knew that my word for this year had to be big and cover all aspects of my life.

I had it.  HAPPY!   I just want to be happy.   That's a good word.  Totally awesome.  But do you define happy.  And yes, we can chose to be happy; but sometimes life is just not a 'happy' place.   It didn't take me long to settle on the word that is for me this year.   I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this word is for me.  100% my word. 


Content.  Wow.....that is a powerful word for me.    Especially since I have NOT been content in a very long time.  Contentment has not been my friend.   I haven't liked what life has handed me.  I haven't been satisfied with my weight.....EVER.  I haven't been content with where I am in life.  This year is the year that I will focus on being content where I am at.  

****My weight.  I am overweight right now.  I know it.  I don't have to LIKE it.  But I need to be content with it.  I need to look at where I am and say "It's good"   When I lose a few pounds or gain a few pounds I need to be satisfied with my efforts and content with the results.  I haven't given up on trying to lose the weight....the Love Bites Challenge is still going strong in my mind.  I am planning on losing the weight.   But my focus will be content with where I am at each exact moment. 

***Active lifestyle.   Yes, I want to lead a more active physical life.   That has been my goal for quite a few months.    But sometimes life throws a curve ball, such as the sprained ankle that has kept me from running recently.  I can move toward an active lifestyle, but I need to not let it rule me.  I need to be content when life throws the messed up ankle curve ball.  I need to be content when it just doesn't happen for whatever reason.  

***Personal life.   It is no secret that my life was turned upside down and I haven't been utterly happy about some of the changes.  It's not secret that my job does not bring me satisfaction.  My fears and worries run rampant about so many thing. (The dating is a scary world!)  I need to learn to practice contentment instead of fear.  Well......this year even though I may not be able to change some of these things....I am going focus on being content with what I DO have.  

Contentment......being satisfied with what I have and what I am obtaining.   That is really where life is good.   I don't have to be happy with it.  I have to be content with where I am.  


Lynn said...

Content is an excellent word and goal! Enjoy your run!

Shelley said...

I like content. It sounds peaceful.

My wonky ankle still gives me a twinge of pain if I twist it, or do a step/pivot thing, but I can walk and run just fine. Still, you'll know if you should stop running when you give it a test...hopefully you can run pain-free tomorrow, but if not then, I'm sure it will be soon.

Lori said...

I like the word of the year concept. I've written a mantra for the year and write it out every day. it is: "I am strong, fit and healthy." I also have an affirmation I write out as well. I think both ideas come from the same place and that is giving ourselves positive messages. I can't wait to see how all of this shakes out for both of us.
PS Good luck with the run. Don't hurt yourself.

TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

Congrats on 10 years of blogging! That's impressive.

I hear ya about wanting to feel content. I'm pretty sure I've wished upon a star for contentment.

ZeroCalorieKid said...

10 Years!! That's enough fodder for a BOOK!! Esp. when most blogs are inactive after about 3 months!! I like Content. I think I'd choose balanced. Its the hardest to achieve esp when life is like a circus!

Anonymous said...

I've been blogging for nearly 11 years, can you believe we've been doing this for a decade?! I think it's great that you are still doing this and I love reading your blog. And you word ... Contentment ... I love it! I think this is the perfect word to help you move forward from some tough challenges and also focus you on the never ending health journey. Being content with where we are and feeling good about ourselves, regardless of what life throws at us, is where it all starts. I am so happy you went along with this! xo