Friday, May 09, 2014

Took it easy

My food has been pretty spot on the last few days.  I've stayed within my caloric range.  I've eaten pretty healthy.  I'm doing pretty good.    My exercise has been more sporadic.  I totally took Wednesday off.  There was no way I was doing anything other than staying in bed...yes, I felt that awful!    On Thursday, I felt pretty icky in the morning but I did go to work. As the day progressed I started to feel a bit better so I contacted my walking buddy and made arrangements to go walking after work.  I knew that she would understand if I had to take it a bit sow or to stop a bit earlier.  We walked about 3.5 miles.    Today I didn't officially exercise but I did walk about 1.5 miles at work.  I'm going to count that as a victory for this week.  I was sick this week but I still moved.

What makes it click?  What makes weight loss...the desire..the motivation..the willpower click into place???  I had it.  I feel tendrils of that feeling hit me.  But seriously...what makes it finally click into place?     That's what I need to figure out!   And yes, I know...if I figured it out....I'd be a millionaire!!!!

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