Sunday, May 11, 2014


I recommitted to this journey in my mind this last Monday.  I've been pretty spot on with my food.  I've tracked it all.  I've also managed to gain a pound...or two.  Seriously?  

What are my feelings about this? I'm torn.  I'm torn between a bunch of different feelings.

*****The first emotion that is tears.  I just want to cry.  How totally and utterly disheartening is this.  To really start watching closely.  To track and to manage and to watch and to gain?????  

****Next thing down the line in my thoughts is that I'm just lost.  I was planning my foods for the today and I didn't know what direction to turn.  Obviously what I was doing didn't work.  Do I change what I'm doing?  Do I tighten it further?  What in the world?   My word...I KNOW how to do this...I've done it. This is not a new journey.  Seriously!

****Giving up has NEVER crossed my mind.  It just made me sit here and say I WILL figure it out and I WILL lose!!!!!!  

So let me sit here and cry a bit..but I'll be up and at 'em shortly!


LuckyMama said...

Oh MaryFran - I'm feeling you!!!! You are doing the right thing - stay the course!!

If nothing else, this journey is teaching us perseverance and patience. The weight will come off.

My weight was way down yesterday and then even more UP this morning.

Tiffany said...

Hugs, remember our body chemistry is always changing on us and that has a lot to do with it. I have also learned that at different times of the days if we weigh in here, weigh in there our body weight won't be the same. Just take it day by day, you can do this!

Kyra said...

You know, even a weather shift can cause you to retain more water or something. Hormones, salt or sugar, even sweeteners. Don't give up, it could be so many things. If you know you did things right this week, then you DID. THAT is your accomplishment!

timothy said...

well you know of course stress will cause you to stall or even gain as will hormonal variables and yes even the blasted weather can cause keep at it and don't give up ever cause you KNOW you're worth it!