Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ho hum

My weight has been hanging tight....not really moving anywhere this week.  I guess that's good.  It's not bad.   I haven't done one iota of exercise this week. And furthermore, I'm not planning to until Saturday morning.

My back is feeling much much better.  It's now just a random ache here and there when I move in a weird way. It gets 'tired' more easily.  But overall, I'm back to 'normal'..or as normal as I am capable of being.  I'm just taking it REAL easy.     I am however at this point in time planning on running the Paws on the Pavement 5k on Saturday morning.  :-)   Last year I PR'd at this run.   I had a time in my mind.  Two times actually. First and foremost I wanted to beat my I'd have had to run a 38:19 or better to do that.  But even beyond that I was hoping to run a 36 or under  (35 really but that just seemed like a HUGE jump to me).  Right now, I'm just hoping to run it and stay somewhere within the 38-40 minute range.  Afterall, Monday I couldn't even walk upright.  ha ha ha   I'm ok with this......a little disappointed but ok.

The other reason I'm taking it easy?   Yes, I'm trying to get through Saturday's run and the photo shoot I have aferward....but  thinking a bit further out, we have a week of vacation coming up.  I don't want to be a cripple on my vacation!   I want to enjoy my trip to Jamestown NY....why Jamestown?   Hello....Lucille Ball grew up in Jamestown!    Museums and whatnot!  :)    I've always wanted to visit and this vacation we are going up to Jamestown to finally do it!  We will be making a stop for Todd at a place he has always wanted to visit so it should be a fun trip.     But only fun for me if my back is back to normal or close enough that I'm not in misery!

So onward..........hopefully after this weekend I can pick back up with exercise......Saturday will give me an idea of what my back can handle.  :-)


timothy said...

just pay attention to your body and LISTEN to it during the race!

*A Strong New Me* said...

Hope your back heals up fast! Mine is touchy and likes to give me issues, so I know it can interfere with life. Be careful and take care of it (and you!)

bbubblyb said...

Hope you have a wonderful vacation and your back is all better by then. I have always loved Lucille Ball, she reminds me of my mother in some ways :)

PipeDownCupcake said...

Upcoming holiday sounds terrific! Who doesn't love Lucy? Hope your back's feeling much better, and soon.