Sunday, March 16, 2014

"Do Life"

A few months back I saw a blub about a book.  I instantly put the book on my ‘to read list’.  I saw the book about a month or two  ago at the book store and vowed to buy it for my kindle, it didn’t happen.  A few weeks ago I was in a book store with Todd and I saw the book.  I bite the bullet and did it.    The book?   “Do Life”  By Ben Davis.  

The premise of the book is a short synopsis of the authors journey for being morbidly obese to living a happy, healthy lifestyle.    The author was at his personal rock bottom and found the fortitude to pick up the pieces.  He has since run and participated in everything from 5k’s to ironman competitions.  In the process of losing the weight and becoming a runner/athlete he found happiness.  His book is primarily about happiness…finding what makes you happy and living life.

There were so many good points in this book.   I’m only going to pull out 4 or 5 quotes for the purposes of this blog.

Pg 17 “I definitely have an addictive personality.  “If I enjoy something, I take it to the maximum.”  This hit me immediately.  I have already figured out that I have a food addiction.  I've written blog post after blog post after blog post about addictions.   That was nothing new.  However, I never really put it into the realm of the addictive personality.  I am that way.  I have just said that I find something fun and I immerse myself in that activity.  Quilting, cross stitch, running, zumba, you name it……   These immersions take on the traits of addictions.   So the trick is just making sure that my ‘addictions’ are healthy in nature without losing balance in my life.

Pg 32 “To improve the areas of life that you are unsatisfied with, you must replace the bad with something positive that can fill the void.”    This goes hand in hand with the addiction thing.   The bad can’t just be taken away.  They have to be replaced with something else. 

Pg 36  “As we talked, I realized that the difference between the way I felt on that morning and at the beginning of every other failed attempt to lose the weight was that this time it wasn’t just about the numbers on the scale or the size of my clothes.  Those things were symptoms of the problem, not the real problem itself.  I knew that.  I finally admitted that.  This time it was about finding happiness.”

Oh yes, considering my epiphany from a while back  where I decided that strict rules don't work for me, this section was utterly perfect for me!.  Yes yes yes.  Happiness and Health is important!   Saying I tracked my food for 5 gazillion days straight doesn’t mean diddly squat!   Honestly, weighing in at 105 pounds means nothing if I’m not healthy!  (not that I will EVER be 105 pounds….just a number I arbitrarily  picked out of the sky)  Numbers mean nothing!   The progression and happiness that comes from my accomplishments is what matters.  (That said, I will still be weighing myself regularly…and the author didn’t ignore the scales either)

Pg 87  “The reason you’ve found yourself on this plateau is that your habits have taken a slide to mediocrity because you’re exhausted or lacking enthusiasm”    

Ohhh yeah, Plateaus…….I’ve  hit ‘plateaus’ but I’ve always admitted that it’s simply me slipping in some way.

 There was so much more in this book.  Nothing earth shattering but just fun.  He talks about losing motivation. He talks about excuses (and the day he couldn’t go running because the terrorist level was too high…ha ha ha).   He doesn’t recommend nor does he seem to live a life of restriction….he talks about post race visit to Chili’s.  He gives plans for training for various races. It’s written with humor and compassion and is said the way it is.  He is living life….or as he says.  “DOING LIFE!”  


timothy said...

sounds wonderful and it's now on my "list" but I'm gonna hop over to amazon and put it in my cart right now! thanks hon.

Eesh said...

YES! Ben is awesome! I love reading his blog as well. He's so inspiring and his wife is so supportive. They're incredible!

Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

Tricia Coniglio said...

I have seen some of Ben's blogs on Tumblr but I have not been on there lately.

I love that you realize moderation is important. Just because we track our food doesn't mean anything if we lose motivation.

I love that you have shared the valuable lessons he points out and I love how positive you are!

Fran said...

I have read about him in the Dutch runner's world last year. Haven't read the book and not going to either. I do read his blog, he has gained again but hasn't given up and moves on.

I am not really interested in reading books about weight loss successes because everybody is different and what works for you might not work for me.

Debsdailylife said...

I love reading Bens blog!! He is so real!! Hes gained some back and now hes owrking on losing again!! Someday I will read the book!!! ON my to read list!