Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A fist fight with my friend

Ohhhhh, my blessed friend!  I love you.  Your creamy cheesy goodness just makes my mouth water!   Ohhh heavens, I do love you!   Ohhh macaroni and cheese you just one plate of ooey gooey pile of goodness!  I saw you and I wanted you so bad.  I stared at you.  I opened my mouth to order  my food and..........

Tuesday was another day of me planning my calories.  It was another day of NOT eating my exercise calories. It was another two to be exact, of eating on a budget.  Knowing that when my very exact amount of calories is gone that the eating must stop.  It's planning and strict willpower.  It has always worked for me and I'm going back to what works.

I planned out my Tuesday early in the morning.  I actually planned it and included not one but TWO eat outs!  Why yes, I did.  I planned for a trip to Waffle House for breakfast (don't be a hater, we have a good Waffle House near where we live....there is a bad one too.....but oh well, we don't go there!).  I also planned to pick up subs on the way home.   Here is my plan for the day.

      Sugar Free Syrup
Mid morning snack: (really ends up being around 11AM)
    Salad (no croutons, no cranberries, simply veggies and one piece of fit and active string cheese cut up)
    Vinnegrette Dressing
     Homemade fruit salad (so no added sugar or bad stuff)
Afternoon Snack (around 4 or 5)
    Small banana
    1/2 Turkey Sub
     fruit salad

I sat down at Waffle house.  Todd ordered a big breakfast that includes a waffle.  I 'inherited' the waffle.  So when my turn to order came, I simply asked for sugar free syrup, knowing that if the sugary stuff came to the table there was a good chance I'd just cave and eat it.  I typically order hashbrowns as a side.  I kept my mouth shut, even though Todd had asked if I wanted the hashbrowns from his meal.  "No thank you, I don't have the calories."    When his meal came he offered me a piece of cinnamon raisin toast.  I answered, "No thank you, I don't have the calories.   I stood firm.  And I was completely satisfied with my food an was not at all hungry when I left.

Lunch and my snacks were easy due to the fact that I packed my food to take to work.  I ate what I had planned and there wasn't too much to tempt me.  

Dinner rolled around.  It was after zumba.  Yes, I know, eating at 8 or thereafter isn't the most awesome choice but eating before zumba doesn't work and's a trade off and works for the schedule that Todd and I keep.  So anyway, after zumba I stopped into the convenience store where I was planning to pick up subs.  I waited in line and that is when I saw it.  I saw that creamy cheesy gooey goodness that we call macaroni and cheese.  Ohhh how I wanted to order a maybe a medium or large cup of macaroni and cheese to go with my meal.  Ohhhh I love macaroni and cheese.  I wanted to so bad.  Ohhh macaroni and cheese come to mamma.  I looked and I'm going to admit that I was tempted to order my old faithful friend.  But then I said to myself "no, you don't have the calories."   I ordered my planned for sub and resolutely turned my back on that friend.  

I was satisfied with my food, even without the macaroni and cheese.   I know that I will someday soon have macaroni and cheese.  It's not a taboo food. NOTHING is taboo.  But when I eat it, it will be MY homemade mac-n-cheese.  It will be planned for, at least I hope!     But whatever the future holds......Tuesday night I was in a fist fight with with some macaroni and cheese and I won!

I've got the ball rolling........I just need to KEEP the ball rolling and not let anything derail me!!!!   


timothy said...

good for you! brains over belly!

Tricia Coniglio said...

I cracked up about ordering the sugar free syrup and fighting with yourself over getting something you want.

I have been eyeing this apple coffee crumb cake at the store for months now. I keep avoiding it because one of the times I bought it I ate the whole darn thing in the parking lot!!

Anyway, yesterday I bought it and had a delectable piece. It was small so I could afford another small, delectable piece. Then I was good. Until today when I had 2 more pieces.

After that, I had to offer the rest to my bf. Bye bye apple crumb cake!

Amelie said...

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