Sunday, February 16, 2014

The glove has been dropped

Ahhhh  Sunday...blessed Sunday.  A day with no work!  AHhhh

So I guess I learned my lesson.  Get my run over with early in the morning.  Seriously.  If I don't do it first thing or very near the first thing I sit and dread it for ages.    Today was one of those days.  I KNEW that I was going to go running.  Yet I ate breakfast.  Nor normally I'll go running and then eat kinda keeps the food for sloshing around inside me (not a pleasant thought is it?).  But toady, I ate first.  So I sat down to work on my computer to allow my food to settle.

While my food settled I started to work on digitizing pictures from my childhood.  They are deteriorating with age.  I am taking them, digitizing them and doing some minor restoration work on them.  I want to make sure that I can look at these pictures that I fell in love with as a little girl flipping through photo albums.  That was one of my favorite things to do as a kid.....look through our photo albums.  So anyway, I digress......I sat down to work on that project.  I kept telling myself, after I finish this step I'll go running.  But then I would finish that step and then move o to the next step and say "after this step"   Of course that didn't happen.  I kept working.

By the time I was pretty much finished with the pictures it was lunch time.  So I of course had a sandwich.  And then of course I didn't want to run after eating again.   What a vicious cycle!!!!

I continued watching the Olympics (oh yes, I watched a couple episodes of Live Big with Ali Vincent and then the Olympics as I fiddled around on my computer).  As I watched the Olympics, I thought about how those athletes go workout even when they don't want to work out.  I thought about how they push themselves because they BELIEVE in themselves!   So I rose up from the couch, put on my workout clothes and off I went.

Darn if it wasn't brutally cold.  I've run in colder.  But for some reason it just killed me today.  My legs were heavy and I could have worked through that.  My knees hurt and my heel hurt which was just no fun. I reverted back to running intervals for the duration.  But the icing on the cake?  The wind and cold.  My ears were cheeks burned.  I struggled to take in a deep breath.  It was not fun at all.  As for now?  I'm somewhat warm again....but I'm just really wheezy.   GRRRRR  Oh well......I'll be running again in a day or two and hopefully it won't be as brutal!!!   No...I'm thinking WILL be better. I WILL be improving my time.  I WILL be conquering this running thing.  And I'm going to throw it out there on the table.....I'm planning on running a race in March (I ran this one last year) and I am going to aim to set a new PR!   Ok, so there it is....on the table!

  Now if only the weather will cooperate so that I can actually get out there and run.  My time to beat????  My best 5k is 38.20..   I'm currently running at a pace of roughly 13:20 a mile.  So I have to drop about 50 seconds off of each mile. I know that the adrenaline of the race will knock some time off of my pace.  It did that with both of my lowest runs.    So what am I aiming for?????  Honestly anything under 38:20.    I will admit that I would be tickled with 36.......or even 35....but that is a long long shot!!!  Ok, it's a long shot for me right now.....because I have 1 month and one week until that race (I think)

So there it is...the proverbial glove has been dropped!  (and how my heel felt this morning, I better buy a new roll of KT tape!  LOL)


timothy said...

you'll do it in..............34!

Ronalee said...

Great job getting out there. I have been in a funk lately and reading your post is an inspiration to me.

*A Strong New Me* said...

Congratulations on getting up and running! It's great the Olympics inspired you. I am easing back into running, very slowly. I am sure I will enjoy it when it's quite so painful! :)

Fran said...

Great work Maryfran that you did go eventually.

The Olympic athletes are an inspiration to me too at the moment, especially our speed skaters, we are rocking all the distances.

I always run/workout in the morning otherwise I would do the same as you do. And I don't eat before I run or workout either. Except when I was training for a half, then I ate for my long runs.

owen said...

That's great that your getting out there. Keep going and stay consistent.

Debsdailylife said...

Awesome job getting out there!! Im the queen of procrastination!!!!
Do you have Plantar faciitis? I read this blog and thot immediately of you.