Monday, February 03, 2014


I got out and ran yesterday.  I sooo didn't want to.  I did pictures on Saturday of an 17 month old little girl.  That (for me at least..cuz that's how I operate) involves lots of me squatting and crouching to be on her level.   Can we say and hour and a half of squats REALLY hurts the next day (and two days later to). However, I knew that we were to be getting a snow storm and that meant that running outdoors (and even making it to my gym..which is 20-30 minuts away)  was not going to happen.  So out I went.  Yeah, it was brutal...but I did it!

My eating this past weekend has been anything but healthy.  I've not been horribly over on my calorie count, but I've made horrible choices!   My stomach has been letting me know that it's ready for some wholesome nutritious food!

 The while back I found myself saying to myself  "Why doesn't that lady get her teeth fixed"   It bothered me.  Because seriously, a trip to the dentist isn't that difficult.   (yeah, I matters keeps some people from the dentist...sad state of our world, but it does happen....and I also know that some people have horrible teeth that are very difficult to maintain and keep healthy...I understand that sometimes dental healthy is out of someones control).   I wasn't being judgemental, I was just observing that when someone has teeth that are rotting in their head you'd think that they would make it a priority to get them looked at.   But then I stopped dead in my thinking.  Wow...someone could look at me and say "That girl is'd think she would see it and make it a priority in her life!"

That thought brought me up short for a few different reasons.  Number one. I haven't made it a priority.  What the hell was I thinking?????   HOw did I let it get that way?   But NEEDS to be a priority!!!!!!!!!  This weight loss thing has GOT to be m priority!!!


timothy said...

this so resonates with me,i seem to make it a half assed priority. I HAVE to make it my main focus I'm very much with you on LET'S GET ER DONE!

Kyra said...

I think something worth mentioning is that the teeth can be taken care of in small actions, and the body is a total life overhaul. Not that it shouldn't be done, but it's important to appreciate the enormity of the situation too. :) But it absolutely should be a priority!

JenBsJourney said...

I know with the dentist, time and fear often play a part too (in addition to cost) ...

At times, I'll find myself being judgmental about someone smoking. It's SO unhealthy, why would anyone spend money on such a habit. They should just quit ... then I think perhaps people could say the same thing about me and sugar. It's not necessary, it's an unhealthy addiction. Yet I can't seem to quit :(

Fran said...

That's a good lesson because I sometimes judge people too like when they have bad teeth and here I am: overweight, doesn't exercise enough and sometimes doesn't eat healthy. It's better indeed to start with me and look at me instead of others.
Thanks for the reminder.