Friday, September 20, 2013

Top of the list!

II keep telling myself that I've got to do this. I've got to get myself on track and finish what I started.  I am still working on finishing projects around my house.  I started this 'finish up unfinished projects back at the end of 2012.  I have done quite well and have finished quite a few projects.

  I've finished quilts. 

 I've finished cross stitch projects. 
 I've been doing well.   But I have started to falter on the MF project.  You see, I'm an unfinished project.  My weight loss is NOT finished. I need to finish this just as much as I need to finish all these craft projects (and yes, I have a few brand new projects lined up for as soon as I deem myself caught up...but I WILL NOT put a stitch, or lift a pair of scissors or buy anything new until I'm caught up!)

So I have been thinking deeply about finishing my projects....namely the project of myself.   I've vowed to do it.  Finish and then strut my stuff to be a hot chickie pie!

Today I ws sitting at work and a message came through on facebook from my zumba instructor. He message read something like this.  "Hello.  I know that you've lost quite a bit of weight and you have utilized zumba as a means to help you in this quest.  I have been contacted by the Herald Mail (our local newspaper) to try to find someone to write an article about for the lifestyle section of the paper."   I was at work and somewhat bored, so without thinking I responded to Anita and shortly thereafter was corresponding via email with the reporter that was writing the article.  Before I knew it, my 'interview' was completed via email.   I then received the news that a photographer would be contacting me to have my picture taken for the article.  Uhhhhhh  this is really real.  

I don't mind sharing my story.  I will say it like it is.  I was fat.  I was thin.  I regained my weight and now I'm struggling to be 'thin again'.  I don't mind sharing.  What gets me is that the whole world (or at least everyone that reads the local paper) will know where I'm at.  They will know that I'm still trying and that means that I'll be in the spotlight.  Uhhhhhhhhhh  that means I can't sit on my arse anymore this 'weight loss project' has now sky rocketed to the top of the list of my priorities!  BIG TIME move to the top of the list!   Failing in privacy (or at least the relative privacy of my blog and close friends) is one thing.....failing with the world watching is unthinkable!!!!


timothy said...

that's a wonderful honor and a kick-ass motivator! congrats!

Michelle said...


Oh and I have so many little things that I desperately need to get done. And I'm loving zumba more & more. I branched out and attended two classes this week other than my class at work at lunch. Fun fun!

Michele said...

What a great honor and motivator to be the subject of an article about YOU and your weight loss! It is recognition that our deserve. BTW: I think we will always be a work in progress even if we hit our target weight. Good health and maintenance will be something to work to for along time.

PS: love the kitties own the quilt.m

twogirlsmama76 said...

Awesome on the article! You are an inspiration, you have come a long way in this weight loss battle. Time for focus on you! I can't wait to read the article, when will it be in the paper?

Jessica said...

Hey! I am new here at your blog. How cool to have an article written about your progress! I am a zumba girl, too! Oh, and your cross stitch project is gorgeous!

A Runners Mom & More said...

How cool are you!?! Congrats on the article, please share!

Fran said...

This might be the motivation you need to finish your ME-project strong! I think it's cool that the article is about you.