Thursday, August 29, 2013

Who'd have Thunk?

Todd and I were both off yesterday afternoon and we spent the day running errands and trying to get everything we need for some of the big 'projects' that we hope to complete very soon.  (Some shelves, a raised flower bed, and the biggie...a patio...which includes getting the hot tub into place on the patio and getting it wired and running).  We ran around in the rain and had a good day.  We debated long and hard about where to eat for lunch.  We eventually decided to go to a place that we hadn't gone in ages.  However it was a place we remembered well, you see in our 'I don't care' stage which coincided with the 'mega chain restaurants are good' stage we ate there a lot.   Yes, we decided to go to Uno's.  I sat down and got the salad and quickly decided on an individual cheese pizza.  Nothing major right?   I was hungry so I'll freely admit that I ate my whole portion.   Do you see where this is going?   I of course didn't even THINK to put my calories into myfitnesspal until I had a break in the activities (which means I was sitting in the car waiting for Todd for some unremembered reason).   I put the meal in.....and it was a good thing I was sitting down!

The individual deep dish tomato and cheese pizza is 1750 calories.   That did not include my salad!   Holy freakin' cow!   Seriously?   I aim to eat 1200 calories a day......combined for the WHOLE day.  I just not only blew my daily calories in one meal but I had gone over my calories by well well over 500 calories!   And of course, I had eaten breakfast and was noon when I ate, I KNEW that I would be eating dinner.  Come on now.....     Oh, and we had already stopped at Sweet Frog for a little cup of frozen yogurt so I couldn't drop that from my calories to try to keep my caloric expenditure as low as possible.

So how did I handle the rest of the day?  I still ate dinner.  I couldn't skip, that would have just set me up for failure today.  I chose to not beat myself up over it.  I made a mental note to not do daily weigh ins until Saturday.  I chose to move on....accept what was done.  Accept that life happens and move on.   This is life and I'm LIVING it!

In other news.  I am 23 miles from making my mileage goal for this month.  (Thanks to a ride on the exercise bike last night......I don't get as good of a workout on the exercise bike at home.....and I feel  a bit like I'm cheating when I ride it...but it is still is still movement....and I"m counting it!!  And oh yeah, I HATE riding inside!)   As soon as I hit the publish button on this post (or very soon thereafter)  I'll be changing my clothes and heading out on the bike.  I"m hoping to get at least the same 13 miles that I did the other day....that would put me at 10 miles left.....I'm supposed to walk at work with  a coworker on my lunch there will be about 2 miles....and I'm scheduled to go walking with Sherry tonight.  We go anywhere from 2 miles to 5 miles....but typically about 3.  So I could conceivably end my day with 5 miles left! 

update:   I just got back from my ride.  19.29 miles in the hopper.  If my scheduled walks go off at the projected mileage I could finish this TODAY!


JenB said...

... I try to go out to my folks, and my mom likes to go out to eat at a buffet place. It's hard for me to get out of there at less than 1800 calories, and that's when I'm actually holding back. It can add up SO quickly!

Good job on your miles. See I prefer the comfort of a stationary bike and staying indoors. Too many issues with the outdoors for me *Ü*

*A Strong New Me* said...

Wow, great bike ride!

Every time I go out to eat, and enter my food into MyFitnessPal, I am horrified at the calories. I either make really bad choices, or else most restaurant food is horribly high in calories! I think you handled it very well and didn't overreact.

Unknown said...

Hi MaryFran! Well It looks like other aspects of your life are going well.

When I eat out for lunch, I do skip dinner. Honestly, it takes *many hours* to digest a big restaurant meal. I've never had any problems the next day whatsoever. I know several other people who skip their next meal too, with no problems at all. The food rules people read are not necessarily true. So you should experiment with this. When I am done with my daily calories, even if it is 2:00 p.m., I try to stop eating entirely. :D

twogirlsmama76 said...

We will walk as far as we need to!

timothy said...

uno is good but I KNOW how caloric it is so I haven't ate there in ages and my roomates inlaws own the darn thing! lol glad you kept movin and didn't freak but I doubt skippin a meal would matter much in the scheme of a lifetime. just do what feels right for you!