Wednesday, June 05, 2013


It was a busy day.  I was so excited for it to hit.  This was my four hour work day, so i was free by noon.  I made plans.  I was excited!

I woke up early and laid out the different outfits I would need throughout the day all in a row on the bed.  I knew that there was a very good chance that time could be tight and that by the time I got home at the end of the day that I wouldn't want to have to dig around looking for clothes.  What outfits were laid out?

Work........bicycling......zumba......clothes to sleep in.

I got off work and headed home.  Todd had picked up lunch and we ate that.  I caught up on the dishes and we headed out.  We decided to ride on the Western Maryland Rail Trail today.  It was fun.  I took my road bike again.  I figure to strip down the pain nice and flat, another great chance to get used to the differences of my road bike.  My arms still took a beating but it's getting better.

On the bike ride I wiped out.  I saw something I wanted to stop and see (I wanted to read a wayside...a bit about the history of that particular spot). I slammed on the breaks.  I got my one foot out of the clip but the rush stop had thrown my balance off and I hopped across the path in a desperate attempt to remain upright.  Duh, I was still clipped in on the left foot.  In that moment I KNEW what was happening, but I just couldn't get my foot free!  Down I went.  My brother had told me to wear gloves all the time, for the padding, for the grip on the bike and to protect my hands.   I have to say.....I was thankful that I had the gloves on.  My hands landed on the pavement and there was no ill effect.  I was fine.  No injuries whatsoever.   I picked myself back up and grinned back at Todd who was standing there with a dumbstruck look on his face.  He quickly realized that I was ok and then proceeded to tell me that he wished he'd have caught that on video.....I have to say...too bad, it would have been a great addition to this blog!

We got to the car and headed home. We had to make  quick stop at a store, but I was home in plenty of time.  I quickly changed my clothes and with only a few moments of rest I headed back out.  Why?  Tonight was a zumbathon to raise money for a breast cancer organization.  2.5 hours of zumba!  What fun! 

Now I'm home and I will be the first to admit...I'm TIRED!    But you know what...I SHOULD be tired.  4 hours of exercise is quite a bit of activity!  That's not including the normal stuff like walking through a store, house work, etc etc etc!

I will stay away from the scales tomorrow.  It was such a crazy day with excess exercise, excess water, etc etc etc.  I don't want to see it.  I will wait until it regulates! 

What a FUN FUN FUN day!

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Stained Glass Butterfly said...

A Zumbathon sounds like fun! I did a Zumba workout DVD last night and find myself laughing during those workouts because I know I look silly, but it's fun!

Glad you weren't hurt from the bike fall!