Thursday, May 02, 2013

A long way indeed

Sometimes if it feels as if I am treading water in this journey.  The journey seems long.  I feel as if it is two steps forward and one step back.  This mornings run was that way.  It wasn't a good run.  Oh, I didn't hurl, or fall down or anything.  I didn't have to stop and walk.  I just felt tired and my time was SLOW and I cut it short (that was probably a mistake, maybe I should have pushed through it) by about a half mile to a mile. (Stupid GPS program malfunctioned on me AGAIN...second run in a row).

The old MaryFran wanted to come home and beat myself up about what felt like two steps backwards whilst eating a whole batch of cookie dough while I flipped the big stack of pancakes that I wanted to eat in order to tide me over to the cinnamon rolls that I could have in the oven in two shakes of a lambs tail.  (yeah, loving to bake and cook is murder because even though I don't have the sweets in the house, it only takes a few minutes to whip up a batch of delightful food).  No, I didn't do any of that.  I made the planned breakfast for us and then I realized it was the beginning of May....and that called for a measurement day.

I took my measurements.  My arms and my legs didn't hold any major changes...maybe a half inch off my thighs...but no major changes.  My torso though...EVERY measurement that I took (and I take five from breasts down to hips) showed me dropping 1 inch!  PROGRESS!

Seeing the inches drop made me look realistically at my weight.  I've dropped 28,2 pounds this year alone!   That is SPECTACULAR!   Even more spectacular?????   From my highest weight ever, I am down 91.8 pounds!   Holy cow!  I'm creeping up on the 100 pounds lost mark!       PROGRESS!!!!

I run!   PROGRESS!!

But lets break the running down even further.  On January 31,  I started to run.  I was doing a C25K program.  90 seconds of running about near killed me.  I remember the second week (I think it was the second week) when we had to run for three minutes straight.  Sherry and I were together and we were SURE that the program had stopped because it had gone on forever and a day!  I can now run for 45 minutes straight.  I may be slower than a turtle in peanut butter, but I am out there doing it.  I used to go for 20 minutes and barely broke a mile and was exhausted.  Now I jog for 45 minutes or about 3.5 miles and come home reinvigorated.  Yeah, my body is tired but I'm so hyped up that I am super productive.  I've come a LONG way indeed in running.  So what that today was a crappy run.....I STILL DID IT!  And on January 31, I couldn't!  PROGRESS

I will leave you with pictures from my morning run this morning.  It may have been a slug fest for my legs and body, but it was GORGEOUS to my eyes!


Anonymous said...

Ooohhh I wish I had that scenery when I walked. I love the "country". Progress is the word I'd're over the top awesome with your journey.

Stained Glass Butterfly said...

There are just days like that, either running or some other workout, when my mind and body are not into it. I usually cut it short and try again the next day. It is not failure on your part, just the ebb and flow of working out and motivation.

The pictures are beautiful! There aren't many places to run around here, so my running view is mostly a boring track.

timothy said...

darling you inspire me to be better every day, yep that's right YOU are an inspiration, hows that for progress!