Thursday, April 25, 2013

A little bit of this and that

It hit me last night during zumba.  I was all calm, cool and collected when I casually said that I had to cut a mile off my normal run.  Uhhhh three months go I couldn't run more than 90 seconds without feeling as if my lungs were exploding and now I'm talking about dropping a mile due to time and still haven't completed 2.5 miles even without that mile.  The progress that I've made just totally hit me lst night!

Yesterday was a good day.  I got run in in the morning.  (and I liked what I saw on the gps/tracker thingy).  I worked a few hours and in the afternoon Todd and I went for a walk/hike in the afternoon on one of our favorite trailes on the battlefield.  We hiked/walked about 3-4 miles.
I did a bit of laundry and some stuff around the house (prepped for dinner, prepped some food for future meals for the next couple days, etc etc etc) and then headed to Zumba.  After zumba I was greeted with a gorgeous sight!  You can faintly see the double rainbow in spots.....
I dont' have much else to say.  My eating is spot on. I'm happy with where I'm at and what I'm doing.  I've got the food addiction currently buckled down tight and that is good.  I am not expecting great things on the scale.  For one reason, I've had two incredible weeks on the scales.  Secondly, the monthly scourge should arrive that can herald a lower than average week in my weight loss efforts.   I'm not expecting great things....but I'm fighting to achieve them.  Just becuase I'm not expecting them, it doesn't mean that I am not doing the work to GET them!  In other news,   I'm fighting some depression and sadness in everyday life, but I'm pushing onward.  


Stevie Hanna said...

Beautiful pics! The hike looked fun. Those are the types of places I love to go running. Sorry to hear you're battling depression, hope you feel better.

Stained Glass Butterfly said...

I love the rainbow picture! I stopped on the highway to take a picture of a double rainbow.

It is great you realized how much progress you have made with running. I am still trying to get into it and like it, but for now I settle for it not killing me, ha.

Darcy Winters said...

Sounds like you had a Zen moment yesterday! :-)

I love the rainbow picture and the picture of where you hike looks calm and peaceful!

timothy said...

just stay on plan cause bingeing will only trigger a big ol bout of depression. and whenever you feel that nagging sadness MOVE, exercise increases energy and that will hopefully raise your emotional state as well. xoxoxoxo