Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ho Hum kinda of day

Just because I don't have much to say, It doesn't mean I'm not 'workin' it'.   Yesterday I went out for a run!

My time wasn't the greatest.  I've said time and time  that I'm slow as molasses.  So really is there any way to go for me other than to get faster?   This time does include me walking for 5 minutes to warm up and about 5-7 minutes to cool down.   I also didn't run it straight.  I ran between 3-5 minutes and then walked a minute...repeatedly.  So my time includes the walking segments.  (maybe some day soon I will be able to afford a heart rate monitor...I'm looking at one for $150.  I want the one that has GPS, so I don't have to drain my battery life on my phone to run the GPS.   I think the heart rate monitor would also help me figure out some of my breathing issues.  Is my heart rate connected to this breathing issue thing......yesterday started out with choppy breathing but SOMEHOW I managed to pull it under control).

Eating I'm holding on.  Nothing out of control but nothing earth shatteringly good if that makes any sense. Steady with my calories.  Haven't seen much movement on the scales during my daily weigh ins.  But I'm OK with that. 
I'm trying to not focus on the bad.  I so want to just curl up and cry.  Things aren't changing in my life....well other than me.  I'm changing my lifestyle.  But financial and maritally things are stagnant and depressing as bat dung. (which is highly toxic, in case you wanted to know some trivia).  I don't know what to do for those things.  So I'm going to do all that I think I can do at this point.  I'm going to try to ignore them.  Continue to drown my sadness in focusing on my weight loss.  I've been saying that I want to start writing again.  I aim to do just that.  I'm re instituting my word count goal for each day. 1000 words a day.  I can do it! 
Meanwhile, I also want to update my recipe website.  I have been lazy about putting the calories onto the pages of late.  I haven't taken yummy photographs of meals.  I also have a TON of recipes that have to be entered into the website.  I want to get that updated.   I also want to go back and update my weight loss page and put in my weights as far back as I can pull the documentation for.  I'd like to see how fast I lost....where my other 'maintains' occurred.  Just for a side by side reference!  So I have lots of projects to complete!   


timothy said...

keep busy and keep goin that's how you'll get there! also on an interesting (or mayhaps not) not bat dung is worth $2.50 a pound lol

Darcy Winters said...


We must be related! Wish I had some sage words of advice for you, but all I can say is concentrate on yourself and try not to think too much about the rest!

Debsdailylife said...

Forget the time!! Push yourself and it will come!!!

Unknown said...

I wish I had great words of wisdom, but I don't! Just try to find what makes you happy and do it. If writing is a release, that might be what you need.