Monday, July 23, 2012


I've been having difficulties focusing on anything for the last week or so. I don't know what's up. I'm not exhausted (that I know of) or anything, so I dont' know what's up. I have managed to not eat myself out of house and home...however I HAVE eaten over my calorie count on some days. (not enough to gain, but not low enough to lose.)I guess I should be happy that I maintained. However, maintain is NOT what I need. I need to lose.

My leg is still bothering me. Prolonged activity bothers it (last sunday when we were out and about it bothered me that night and the next day...then on Thursday I made pickle relish and jam in the morning and I paid the price with pain by struggling with pain that evening) Whatever the cause, it's getting OLD OLD OLD.

Yesterday I went to a reenactment with my brother and his family. Had fun....and actually pulled my camera out in ages. Felt good.

My brother is remodeling the house that
my grandmother and grandfather bought and remodeled 40 years ago.  He took panelling off of the wall and found this written with the adhesive.  Since my grandfather put up the panelling we know that he is the one that wrote this there.  Just a really cool find.


timothy said...

hope you feel better soon darlin, have you tried low or no impact stuff like mayahps yoga would help. the "find" in the wall is awesome! sending prayers and reiki your way.........have you looked for a healing group in your area. it cant hurt and it should be free. xoxoxoxoxo

timothy said...

i forgot to say my uncle used to do reenactments when i was a kid...........he was on the southern side of course! lol so much fun!

twogirlsmama76 said...

Focus is a big point. It leads you where you want to go and without it where you don't. Keep going, but take it easy!!

Patrick said...

Hope the pain eases and better days are ahead.

Way cool find behind the paneling! I scribbled in the concrete of our foundation I Love You to my wife when it was poured. May never see it again since its supports the garage, but we know its there.


Michelle said...

Does the pain get better when you drop some weight? If so, that'll be something to look forward to.

Neat find in the house!

Desperate Dieter said...

I would love to go to a reenactment - they look amazing! What a fantastic way to spend a day!
Sorry to hear of your pains and aches - a burden many of us carry as we get older. My problems started when I lost a lot of weight - it was then I suffered with sciatica, and then developed rheumatoid and osteo- arthritis, and have also been recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

Keep trudging onwards - a bit of gentle moving or a stroll or a ramble will pay divedends - it's just take longer than if you're jumping around like an elf on speed!
Getting to be a long comment here - so sorry :)
I just loved what you found behind the panelling - we found something similar in our old house when we redecorated the kitchen. I think these reminders of love between parents is so lovely!

Tammy said...

LOVE what was on the paneling!!:) Thank you for posting the pics of the reenactment! Very cool! I hope you start feeling better soon!!