Monday, January 09, 2012

I'm workin' it!

I did it.  My chanting (typing) whatever you want to call it last night worked.  I did not succumb to the temptation to eat a hole through the pantry door!  Small victories. 

This week starts another week. I'm down on the scales so I'm a happy girl. (I actually didn't weigh  myself today, but I was down significantly yesterday)   I'm rolling with the active lifestyle, getting up off the couch daily and just being active!   Today Zumba restarts for the year.  I'm tickled!  YAY!

Meanwhile, I wrote the other day about the really cold early morning hike we had on Friday......well on Saturday we went out.  Totally different.  We hiked on the canal down at Weaverton and there was ice in the water on the canal, but I was wearing a long sleeved tee shirt and a hooded zip up sweatshirt......half way through the walk, the sweatshirt had to go.  :-)

Warm Day

canal at weaverton

Sunday we woke up and mid morning Todd and I went out walking on the canal closer to home.  It was a bit cool still while we went out, but we walked. 


Todd went to work and a friend came over and we headed up to WIllimasport and walked on the canal up there.

Cushwa Basin

Lock 44

And if THAT wasn't enough, I ended up meeting someone else on the battlefield right before dusk and walking a bit with them! 

Battlefield (south)

I'm starting today out right.  Todd and I got up before dawn, had breakfast and we headed to the battlefield and we walked while the sun came up.  Got another hour of walking in today (plus zumba tonight...I"m on a roll!)

MD Monument

So I'm working toward living a more active lifestyle.    The good thing about walking with Todd in the morning?   He has some major digestive problems.  He is supposed to take a pill 1/2 hour before he eats to help his digestion work properly.  They work sporadically.  But thes last 5 days we've walked in the morning, he's not gotten sick ONCE.   Coincidence?   Time will tell!


Emily said...

Your walks sound lovely. Wish i had time to take more walks.

I will try and go for one this weekend.

Unknown said...

Man, I need to find some better places to do my walking! Those are some great pictures. I love the one with the soldier statues & the tree, oh & that sunrise:-) Great work on getting all that walking in and the Zumba, keep it going!!

Maren said...

Fantastic photos! Looks like an amazing walk :D

BEE said...

Yea!!!!!! I'm so proud of u

Fatoutofskinny said...

Great walk, lovely pictures

traveler hudd said...

Your photos are GREAT! I would love to walk around there. Keep it up :)