Friday, April 29, 2011

Thoughts on exercise

Ok, the scales were NOT kind to me this morning.  I only hope that it's water retention (yeah, without going into it....very possible that it could be some water retention....blech blech blech....time will tell).  I want to scream...but I'm not going to.  I'm going to focus this weekend on getting back into a workout routine.  I haven't worked out in almost 2 weeks. Yeah......really! 

I have this weird phenominan that when I'm working out I eat better.  Does this happen to anyone else?  I think it's because when I'm working out I start to think about what Im eating more. I tend to believe it's because I dread the exercise so I don't want to 'undo' my good work.  haa haa haa.  Isn't that lame?

As for dreading exercise. I HATE and dread the buildup to exercising.  But I'll admit that once I start it's usually not that bad....but the after feel is wonderful. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the feeling that courses through my body after exercise. SO one one think that I would be gung ho to go out and exercise.  But each and every time I go to exercise I somewhat dread it.  Go figure.  You'd think I would figure this out and actually start to look forward to the exercise...but no...apparently I'm not that smart!


timothy said...

neither am i! lolol i love the bollywood dance, sweatin to the oldies, and just walking on the treadmill, yet i can't seem to just get started, go figure? this weeks goal we're both gonna do better! we can do it!

Tanya said...

You and me are so alike it's scary, MaryFran! I dread exercising too. Sometimes Shawn has to literally take my hand like a little kid and make me do it. Once I'm there, I'm OK though. It's just the dread of getting started. You need a workout partner, that way there's no excuses! I, too, eat so much better when I exercise. Yep, I'm more conscious of what goes into my mouth. I, too, just aren't as hungry.

You can do it, hon!! Keep blogging and writing down your thoughts. I'm cheering for you!!

Sarah said...

I totally agree. It is so much easier for me to stay on track with my nutrition when I am exercising regularly. I don't want to do undo all the work I've done. And I think that time exercising gives me a change to leave everything else behind, and I can really think about what steps I need to take next.

I find that working out in the morning is best for me -- I start my work day so energized and am even more inspired to eat healthy throughout the day. I am also usually pretty hungry after a work out, and it just makes more sense for me to have a few extra calories to make up for the activity in the morning than at night.

Sevenbeads said...

It's so true and I also have to drag myself to exercise. But once I start, I feel terrific.

Patrick said...

Kudos for getting back into a work out routine, good for you!
I have the same ohenomenon too where i eat better when I am in work out mood.

Tom said...

That is usually the way, people try and put it off but once they are out there doing some exercise it is far more bearable!

Just try and take a mental note of how you feel after a good exercise session and try and imagine that feeling when you are finding it harder to motivate yourself!

Keep going!