Saturday, April 16, 2011

A day of rest

Yesterday I hit up my first bike ride of the season.  My right knee (arthritis) was KILLING me.  Horrible.  I pushed through it thought.  We went slow, it was windy and Todd hasn't exercised at all in ages.  But all in all it was a good ride. 

Last night though things started to really bother me.  My 'bone'  in  my foot.  Not quite my ankle...below it.  Can't explain it, but it's given me grief for YEARS upon years!   It acts up and I baby it for a while and then it gets better.  So that is giving me grief right now. 

SOOOOOOOOOO....even though I really wanted to go to a zumba class this morning, I'm passing. Taking a day of rest.  :-)  Besides (not that this has ANYTHING to do with exercise) the last few weeks I've been exhausted.  Struggle to wake up .....falling asleep early.   Just tired!  So a day of rest from exercise won't hurt that either.

So my weight.  I'm up 2 pounds.  Can't figure that one out.  I've been really good this week too!   Not gonna let it get me down...gonna plug along.  Watching carefully and do what I KNOW are the right things to do....and I know that eventually my weight will start to drop!


WWSuzi said...

Good for you on getting out on the bike, i can't wait to get on mine!
Talking about weight I haven't weighed myself for a week and I thought to myself I could weigh in tomorrow I've had a great week. But then again I'm really happy with my eating exercise and body so I think I'll just keep on doing what i'm doing and to heck with the scale. (this may change next week :)

timothy said...

don't worry too much about the scale it fluctuates and i'm glad you're resting sometimes we just need time to BE!

Vegan Chick Pea said...

I hope your knee feels better soon. It's great that you love Zumba!