Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back to work

My long weekend has come and gone.  BOOOOO    On Friday I got my first bike ride of the season in.  It was blustery and cool.  I was comfortable in what I wore, but Todd was a bit on the chilly side (he wore shorts...lol).  We had a nice lunch out and then went home and worked outside in the yard all afternoon.  And that is where it started to go downhill.  It started with a sore throat and progressively got worse.  So that was it for my planned weekend of high activity levels.  In fact, today....Tuesday will be my first day back to exercise..and I'm actually a bit leery about it because I'm still hoarse, still coughing but the chest congestion is not breaking......etc etc etc.  Go figure.   But you know what....my body demanded the rest.  I had no say in the matter.

My weight for the week......I lost 3/10ths of a pound.  I'll take it!!!!  A loss is a loss.  Anything other than a gain is a good thing.  :-)

I know that my rampant stress and the resulting emotions are hindering my weight loss. I know that in the past for me to lose weight I really did have to have my mind in the right place.  I WANT my mind to be there but I know that it's not.  If that makes any sense.  My mind instead jumps from thought to thought from issue to issue .  Some of the thoughts are about things I can't change....missing my friend. Other thoughts are about things that I need to do in my life....things I need to do....things I need to get straight, worries that I have, etc.   And my focus is taken away from the weight loss. 

Sometimes I feel as if I have way too much going on....that one day I'm just going to pop into a million smithereens, unable to handle the pressure anymore.


Debbie said...

Take a deep breath and hang in there. You have done great and you look wonderful. Hugs to you.. :)

Tanya said...

Yeah...what Debbie said! :) I second that!