Monday, October 18, 2010

A new week

I reached my goal last week....I exercised three times.  A total of 4.5 hours. (Tuesday Zumba for one hour......Wednesday zumba for 2 hours....and Sunday walk on the canal for one and a half hours.  So I can say that my goals for this past week were met!

One week at a time.....only focusing on one week.  The focus on this week will be keeping my eating on target ALL week.  (ok, my goal is actually for 6 days...but I'm secretly aiming for 7 days).  And that's all I'm worried about...eating right all week.  (ok, so there was an incident with a piece of red velvet cake this morning...but not to worry...the rest of the cake went into the garbage can immediately after I realized that I scarfed down a piece of cake for breakfast...but you know what...I'll just have to be a bit more careful the rest of the day.  The day is not shot!  I can still pull this one off).   One week.  I can do one week!

Ohhh should I say that the one week will encompass my husbands birthday?   It will encompass some time off of work in which we will be out and about.  Birthday cake???   I can do it!   I sit back and think about making it through that landmine and I get sad.  I feel like I'll be denying myself and it will be sad and just miserable.  But looking isn't miserable.  When I'm in control...I'm actually happier with myself.  There is a sense of pride a sense of empowerment.   I want that.  And next monday...I'm going to have it!  I can do it!

I'm appalled once again at our society and what is acceptable.  Last night we went to pizza hut.  Todd and I ordered the dinner for two.  If you haven't been to pizza hut for a while let me tell you about the dinner for two.  It used to be a medium pizza, two salads and two drinks.  Pretty darn good deal.  Then they added breadsticks.....and just last night we found out that they also added a dessert to it.  For twenty bucks you get two drinks, a medium pizza, an order of breadsticks, two salads and an order of dessert sticks.  HELLO......can we say that's WAY TOO MUCH FOOD FOR TWO PEOPLE.  I'm ashamed to admit.....I ate a lot of food.  I ate to the point of being sick to my stomach.  And I've vowed taht the next time we go to pizza hut (we don't go often...maybe once or twice a year) we will NOT be getting the dinner for two.  We will get the pizza and maybe the salads and of course the drinks.  I don't care that we may end up paying the same amount or even more money to get less food.  I will NOT have that much food brought to the table for TWO PEOPLE!  Appalling!  (now on the flip would have been perfect for 4 people!)  And we wonder why obesity is on the rise?????


Enyonam said...

Wow! All that food for two people? Now I understand why the obesity rate is high in the Western World.

In Africa, obesity come about as a result of eating foods high in starch. Our staples are high carbs but, you won't see anyone eating so much junk food at restaurants.

I sometimes get lazy when its time to exercise but, reading blogs like yours inspire me to get up! definitely adding you to my blog list.

bbubblyb said...

It does seem crazy that you have to pay more to eat less lol. I've come to realize that I don't have to deprive myself of treats I just have to really plan for them. But I know too that if it's a trigger food (usually something with sugar) it's best just not to have it. Hope hubby has a good Birthday and you make it through the week feeling good about all the great choices you make for yourself. It's true too that just because of one poor choice doesn't mean the whole day is shot. Way to go on the goal met last week with the exercise.

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I agree about the food at restaurants getting to be such big portions. We have been conditioned to eat so much more than our body needs! I am trying to retrain my body right now to be fueled with smaller portions more often. But it does take lots of effort on our part - no thanks to the food industry here!

Way to go on your exercise! ;)

Have a great week.

Debbie said...

That is a lot of food for two people. We usually just get a pizza and take it home and I make our salads. I love pizza, but I can only have one slice.

Karen said...

I can relate to so much of this! First, your focus. I am also working on one week at a time right now. Sometimes, one day or one hour or one minute at a time! And cake... at my nephew's wedding they had two flavors. I ate a piece of both! But that was last week and now I am in this week:) We celebrate my mom's birthday this weekend. No idea what the dessert will be yet. Should you and I make a pact with each other not to eat any? I also get sad when I think about having to avoid it. Surely I can someday enjoy splurges like that in moderation. But not yet. I have eaten on track all week and I feel so much better and I was just thinking that I feel happier with myself. You sure struck a chord with me today!!!!

Shawn said...

Great job on reaching your exercise goal for last week. I have issues when it comes to certain food. I have tried to stay away from pizza hut or all you can eat buffet. At that point, I get into the mindframe of, well I'm going to get my moneys worth after spending all that money. We have been trying to eat at home more. Which lessens the chance of eating the wrong thing. I am having to take my way of eating hour by hour. After doing the wrong thing for all of these years, getting on the right track can be very hard.

Good luck on everything. Looks like you are doing a great job.

Shelley said...

I agree with you on the huge restaurant portions being out of husband and I split almost all of our meals, and while it took some getting used to, we are usually very satisfied with the amount of food that we ate. And if we are still hungry? Frozen yogurt to the rescue, lol!

Nice work rescuing the rest of your day after the breakfast cake...I love that!!!

Sandy said...

Hey MaryFran!
Good for you for not letting the day get away from you. It would be so easy just to say "I blew it now ..." and eat horribly all day. I used to have a problem with that. For years.
And trigger foods ... YIKES!
It's great that you've found a way that works for you.
Keep up the good work and just take one day at a time :)