Wednesday, August 04, 2010

What's rolling around in my head.

No deep thoughts today. No wild advice. Not much in my head right now.....well, not about weight loss. What's in my head......a song that we have been dancin'/exercisin' to in Zumba the last two weeks. "Man with a Hex". Just a fun one to workout to. What else is in my head....well, honestly, that's just it. And I'm sitting here at work my leg jiggling wanting to get up and move to the song that is pounding through my thoughts!

I got to thinkin'....the songs that I am wanting to add to my ipod/iphone (and/or..probably both)are actually songs that get in my head at zumba...and while they are in my head, I just want to get up and MOVE. I REALLY need to get these songs downloaded ASAP....because if I'm cleaning and they start playing....don't you think I will shake my 'booty' a little bit more? Hey, every extra shake is an extra calorie burned!!!!

Oh yes, I'm also thinking about my new sports bra. (Sorry guys). I was walking through the dreaded Walmart the other day (yeah, I very rarely go in there...I prefer Target) and I saw the sports bras. In that split second I decided that I needed a new sports bra. Mine are started to get old and ratty. I started looking and I decided to break from the traditional 'tube sock wrapped around your boobs' style sports bra and went with one that is actually shaped and molded for a more comfortable fit (danskin...and it was only 10 or 11 bucks).....thus you have less of a uni-boob with this one. So I figured I'd try it. Well, I actually liked it. :-) So I'm thinking about that too (and about going back to get another

So there you have mindless thoughts for the day. I'm still holding in there strong. I'll be going out to lunch today...but I'm sure that I'll be able to navigate and find something healthy wherever we end up going AND/OR manage what I eat by countering it with a REALLY healthy dinner (I had fruit for breakfast so I'm off to a good start).


Allan said...

Bra reference was "started to get old and ratty", not the actual,,,,,

Just checking in....

MaryFran said...

Haa haa haa......yes, I was referring to the sports bras and not the actual 'girls'. ROFL

Leigh Anne said...

LOL! Love the sports bra talk. ;) I actually need to start using one. I have them ... and they just lay in my gym bag as an extra piece of clothing I don't want to deal with... lol

And Zumba song downloads are a MUST. I love the Zumba songs in my class. Definitely catchy and they make you want to move! ;)

ERICA said...

The right sports bra is a must. I've got some big "girls" and was buying those slip over the head like a tube top ones. I finally did research and got one that was a way better fit...and it makes me WANT to work out. it's so comfy I feel like I could run a marathon! At least the top half my legs would probably die haha.

And gym doesn't have classes but my absolute favorite Mp3 is "It's tricky" by RunDMC. I have to run or dance whenever I hear it or start to sing it

Anonymous said...

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