Thursday, August 05, 2010

So I talked yesterday about the sports bra and my purchase of a new one that I liked. All was good. I went to zumba last night and I had a problem of a different kind. I had learned the hard way a year or so ago that commando is not always the best option while exercising. I also learned (but didn't write about) the fact taht certain underwear are not conducive to zumba. So I'm always very cognizant of what underwear I put on before zumba. But last SHORTS kept riding in weird and uncomfortable ways. No fears, I just picked the zumba induced wedgie out (ok, so it wasn't a wedgie...the shorts kept getting twisted or something) and kept rolling. So really, seriously...what is the best option out there for zumba.....inquiring minds want want to know. I'll keep trying my different clothes until I hit upon the magical outfit. Of course as soon as I figure that out, I'll lose and the clothes will be too big. Good problem though.
My weight was lookin' good this morning! WOo hooo!!!


Allan said...

I like to bad, I forgot.. Enjoy the dancing

Sevenbeads said...

I'm interested to know what clothing people wear for Zumba. I signed up for a session of 6 classes that starts next month. I'd planned to wear shorts and a tank top (my usual gym get-up) for the first class and then get a better idea. I hadn't worried about underwear! If you answer here, I'll check back.

Leigh Anne said...

Bahahahahaha, I KNOW!!!! It's hard for us girls to find the right outfit for anything!! ;)

When I go to Zumba, I wear some Danskin Now capri pants and a t-shirt. :) Seems to work pretty well. I am searching for some cheap yoga pants, though. I think they would be great! As far as undies ... I, too, try to make sure I wear something that won't fall down, slide up or stick in places it shouldn't be stuck! ;)

MaryFran said...

Oh come on now Allan.....we are curious as to what you wear. haa haa haa

Splurgie.....I usually wear just a pair of shorts and a tee shirt...the shorts are of elastic waist band, stretchy material. I think last night my shorts were simply too big. :-) The actualy 'exercise pants' that I own are really good to go to zumba in (it's too hot though right now..and our room gets quite warm. I like wearing a bike short style shorts...but well, the rest of the room kinda cringes to see me in those. haa haa haa

Basically go with comfort......the most immportant....good bra (think a bra that would be good for you to do jumping jacks in) and as for the underwear...LA says it best....nothing that will fall down, slide up, or stick in places that shouldn't have something sticking in them!

Splurgie, I can't wait to hear about your thoughts on Zumba!!!

Unknown said...

Glad to hear your weight loss is going well. I have NO idea what kind of clothes are good for Zumba, I've never tried Zumba and until about a month ago had never heard of it! ;)

Vegan Chick Pea said...

I'm with ya! We need the right underwear and the right sports bra!!!!! :)

Miz said...

oooh interesting.
I will never forget my first time at NIA class.
the outfits were...jaw dropping :)and FUN.

except for mine.

Laura Bush said...

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