Monday, June 14, 2010

I lost 2.8 pounds at my meeting! WOO HOOO

This weekend was just absolutely nuts. I ran and worked non-stop. I did have my splurge MEAL on Saturday night. But it was that. A aplurge meal. It wasn't a splurge weekend! PLUS, the splurge meal was after working outside for a few hours. Then Sunday I worked non-stop in the house, outside, everywhere all day long, cleaning, mowing, mulching, weeding, name it. So my weight this morning....UP. I don't like to see it up. BUT, yesterday while I drank my water I also drank three bottles of diet soda. Diet soda contains sodium (and some of the ingredients in diet soda are high in sodium). When I drink diet soda my weight usually pops up so it's not unexpected. AND, last night I cooked a turkey ham. I'm assuming that turkey hams have as much sodium that a regular ham I'm confident that my weight will drop back down today as I drink lots of water.

I set up my food intake page and I've been really lax about entering my info into it. I'm determined to fix that. I also today set up an activity/exercise page to keep track of that! I've got to be accountable!

I'm stressed out. I love cats. I love them with all my heart. I mean, I have a family of cats that I love dearly.

Stotler Family portrait

But somehow in the last two weeks, we have gone from taking care of our five taking care of 9 stinkin' cats!

The first addition was a cat that has been strolling around our property for the last two years. He started coming up on our porch and just looking in. I held firm in the rule of "no feeding the outside kitties" but my softy of a husband couldn't what was I to do??? So there is one.

The second addition occured last Tuesday. The runt of the litter of one of the barn cats at the studio was abandoned at the door of hte studio. He spent all day trying to get it back to it's mother, but she would turn it's back and walk away. That's just sad. Sooooo we carted over this baby kitten. This baby kitten is NOT supposed to have a name. This baby kitten is supposed to be shipped off to a good home as soon as it's weaned and healthy. (she's on antibiodies and is being bottle fed every few hours as of right now). BUT, my husband has named it Winifred. ARRGGGGHHHHHHH Hopefully she'll 'cuten up'.
Kitten 06-11-10

The last two additions came this you remember that first addition that todd started to feed because he was on the porch staring into our kitchen. HE is not a he.....he's a she and SHE brought two kittens to our front deck. They are capable of eating dry cat food already....probably 3-4 pounds already. So they are not tiny like the second addition. But 4 freakin' extra cats to feed. This is getting ridiculous!!!!

I've spent the last week feeding my parents cat spooky, Spooky so I guess I've been responsible for 10 cats this week. that is quite a few too many.


On a good note, the first tomatoes have come off the vines....they are sooooo succulent and juicy. BLT's yesterday. A nice garden salad today!


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Congrats on your weight loss!! Yowsa!!
Your "cat family" portrait is beautiful... I hope you frame that in your front room... very big, ya know! You must have a big heart to care for so many cats. I love cats, but alas, there are no pets allowed in the rental house we're in, drat!!!
Best of luck on your goals. It sounds like you got a ton of stuff done, this weekend!!!


bbubblyb said...

Way to go on your lose. I'm sure the scale will go back down, sodium does that to me too. You know I keep hoping a kitten will find it's way to our door but no luck yet lol. We use to have 4 kitties and we are now down to one :( Too bad you don't live close enough to drop one at our door lol. Hubby keep vetoing a new kitty but I know if one found it's way here he would let us have it lol.

4athomej said...

WOW...great weight loss. And WOW 9 cats...we have had up to six at one time, but it's always me that has to feed and clean litter boxes. The family wants them just won't help. So we are down to 2 and a feel for you. I lve cats too but there's only so much you can do...

Karen said...

A huge YAHOO on getting rid of the weight! Excellent job! :-)

Wow on the cats! I have two and sometimes I feel overwhelmed with them. I can understand your stress factor.

By the way I liked the photo in your post LOL! And what a great name for a cat; Winifred! My cats are named Noodles (female) and Spatz (male).

VRaz60 said...

TOMATOES!!! I am so jealous. I have a few blossoms and several little green cherry tomatoes, but so far nothing ripe. Darn.

"Farm to Fork" is really fun. It not only has recipes for produce you'd normally get at a farm stand, but also includes fish, poultry, meat, etc. It's been fun to use. My only complaint is that I have to do the nutritional calculations myself. Other than that, I really like it.

Shelley said...

I love your family portrait! Ooh, cats - I am not allowed to even go on the website for our animal shelter anymore...we are down to two, but for many years we had four, plus a dog and 2 kids...too much! Hope your new additions are only temporary. :)

Congrats on the nice loss - you are doing great! Ugh to sodium and what it does to our bodies, but you are right, lots of water will take care of that.

Lovebug6100 said...

I'm a firm believe that you can never have too many cats!

Wendy said...

love the sick kitten! if i lived near you i would so adopt it cooties and all!