Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Had two nice workouts yesterday. I rode the bike for an hour yesterday morning and then yesterday evening I hit up my zumba class. Whew....zumba is a great workout! :-)

I stepped onto the scales with fear and trepidation this morning. I was really shocked. My weight is hanging right in the same general place that it was last week on my weigh in day (possibly up a half pound or so). I was thinking it was going to be a whole lot worse!

This weight loss journey for myself has been one with lots of learning. I've had to learn to accept responsibility for everything in my life. I can't blame my weight on all the bad stuff that happens. I've had to learn what is healthy. I've hard to learn how to motivate myself. And honestly, I'd had to learn about my body. I am still learning. It's not as simple as finding the 'magic solution' and then sticking with it. It is an evolution of learning. What works this week may not work next week. A lesson that I learned 2 years ago may have sat idle uneeded for the last two years...but it will resurface. Learning........the learning is making me stronger.

What have you learned?


Sevenbeads said...

"I've hard to learn how to motivate myself."

This sentence called out to me. I am always searching (including all the inspiring blogs) for inspiration. It's there and I can draw on it but the real change comes for those who can motivate themselves. Thanks for putting it into words so well.

Seth said...

way to step it up! keep it up.

bbubblyb said...

I know what you mean about one week something working and the next it might not. Really I've found what moves the scale the best is changing things up on a regular basis. Not so much the basics of better eating and exercise but what kind of foods I'm eating and what kind of exercise. Sounds like you are doing ok and learning a lot about yourself and that's what's important.

F. McButter Pants said...

Hey where are you?? Hope all is well. Hang in there, Kid. You can do this,