Friday, January 22, 2010

Weekly Check in

Week three of the new year has passed us by and it's time for me to fess up and face the music in regards to my goals. Soooo lets pull out the list and check it twice.

Lets look at my year goals first.
1. The mileage. I did 28.9 miles this past week. Only half of what I should have done. Not too bad when I add in that I was sick for most of that time frame. I am now at 129.91 for the year...I should be at 180 miles. So I've got some makeup mileage to do.
2. Weekly goals....I set them...worked on them to some extent...we'll get to that later
3. Strength training...nada (hey, I was sick!)
4. New recipes...yes, 1 I made Berry Banana Bread

Ok, as for my weekly goals there were as follows:
1. Water Consumption...especially on the long weekend. I actually did really good with this!!!
2. Stick to my points....religiously! I stuck to my points...but I didn't make them HEALTHY points
3. Make the food that goes into my mouth nutritious and healthy Failed on this was carb city Homemade Bread
4. Hop back onto the exercise....catch up with the mileage that I'm behind! Ok, so I was a bit sick and failed on this....Having this as my weekly goal pushed me and I got 1/2 of my goal for the week at least!

So this weekly goals:

1. Water consumption again.
2. Exercise...I WILL do at least my 60 miles....but I want to start cutting into my 'debt' of where I'm behind....that means I have 40 extra miles to make up...above and beyond my 60 miles for the week. I may not make it all up this week, but I am to at least make a dent in my deficit.
3. Stay within my food budget...and make my points HEALTHY ones!

So there we have it!

I did ride the exercise bike this morning. I laid in bed and thought about ditching it....or 'waiting for this evening' (waiting never works because by the time I've worked all day I just don't want to worry with it) but I thought about my goal/motivator and it pulled me out of bed!

On a good note.......Lil' Mertz seems to be recovering well. How do I know? Well, I saw this last night.....
I think she feels better


lindalou said...

hi maryfran, i have trouble with the carbs too even though my calories may not be that high. i forced myself to make a yogurt smoothie yesterday with bananas and strawberries....also i'm eating a large spinach salad every day for lunch...."trying to get away from the flour and sugar.
stay away from the insids aisles of the grocery store as much as possiblee.

BEE said...

yea definatly looks like lil mertz is feeling better lol
thats cute

JC said...

Hey you sound like you are doing well. Proud of you.

Anonymous said...

I just did a MAJOR confession session on my blog. I'm so happy to read blogs like yours where you just keep on plugging. It's really motivating.

Your cat is too cute :)

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Getting sick can really throw a monkey wrench into your plans, can't it. I tend to want carbs when I'm sick too. Wonder why that is.

bbubblyb said...

I loved the cat picture, I can't stop smilng now lol. Good luck with making up the miles.

WWSuzi said...

:) Our cats could be twins!!

Vanessa Miller said...

That cat is something else. I think I'll grab a glass of water now!