Thursday, January 21, 2010

Empty calories

Well, I stepped onto the scales today. I hadn't been on the scales since Tuesday morning. I was appalled to see that my weight had gone up by 1 pound. YIKES! Ok, I'll be honest. It could be water...or something like that. I mean, I didn't blow my points. On one day I used a flex point or two...but I stayed well within my budget. But, lets be honest here. While I stayed in my points wasn't the healthiest of points. I did get my servings of fruits and veggies in...but everything else was CARB CITY!
January 13, 2010
Oh yes, I had bread (those berry banana muffins are really good...but they are a bread...carbs) for breakfast. I had sandwiches for lunch along with my potato soup (carbs and more carbs). I ate pasta for dinner and wiped my plate clean with homemade french bread
French Bread
I tell you, it was a total carb fest!

No more! Today I'm watching my carbs more carefully. I'm making sure that most of my points are HEALTHY for me points. AND, I woke up early and rode my bike today.
January 16, 2010

I have a very clear goal...and a very good reason to lose this weight. I'm a woman on a mission!


Anonymous said...

You are one inspiring "woman on a mission" :)

BEE said...

i also am a carb o holic somedays

when i get like that i like to eat yogurt and things that make your digestive system better because you may have a yeast problem that is making you crave it

sometimes i also drink kefir

pro and pre biotics helps with the digestive system so you dont crave the carbs and i swear they also help with weight loss

so i hope i helped cuz ive had those days too and usually its yeast overload in my digestive system

WWSuzi said...

Those simple carbs get me every time!!

Sevenbeads said...

Carbs have been the toughest to limit. My biggest obstacle is the bread basket on the restaurant table. I don't even start or I'd eat every last roll!

Vanessa Miller said...

That's some good food porn right there. I liked how the pictures coincided with your story.