Friday, January 08, 2010

One week in!

So I'm one week into my goals for the year 2010. I set my weekly goals last week. In recap they were:

1. Get a strong start in my yearly goals!
2. Get back on track with eating and exercising
3. Stop making excuses for why I should eat!

Sooo lets take them one at a time. My yearly goals.
*I am now on a course for 3000 miles for the year, which means I need just about 60 miles each week (actually less, but I'm figuring make it easier and to give a little leeway). How did I do? I logged 66 miles for the week!
*Strength training- 2 sessions
*New recipes- 5
1. Baked Sweet Potato fries. I don't know why I never tried to make fries with sweet potatoes. I do it all the time with regular potatoes.
2. 5 spice shrimp and walnut stir-fry
3. Mexican Casserole
4. Zucchini Alfredo
5. Apple Marinade for chicken
*Weight loss....I actually forgot to weigh...HONESTLY forgot. The alarm went off early for Todd and I had promised to make him breakfast for the I was up and in the kitchen and just didn't think about it until a few hours later.

Weekly goal number 2. I have had a bunch of on track days with my eating. I feel more empowered and in control with each succesive day!

Weekly goal number 3. Excuses. I have to admit on New years Day we went out to eat and I made an excuse as to why I should eat because it was New Years Day...a holiday. I will admit it. Otherwise, I didn't come up with reasons that I deserve or need to eat. IN fact, the last few days I've been totally on excuses. I eat what I eat and that's it. I haven't been trying to wheedle extra food or whatnot!

Soooo goals for week two.

1. Become religious about taking my multi-vitamin
2. Water consumption......EVEN DURING THE WEEKEND!
3. Push through my sore shoulder and at least get some cardio under my belt!


lindalou said...

Way to go Maryfran!! You're off to a great start this year. This will be the year to get those pounds back off !!

WWSuzi said...

Off to a great start!! I'm so proud of you for knowing what is needed to do and just doing it.

BEE said...

way to go you did great this week

VRaz60 said...

Awesome, I'd say. The first week was a success if you ask me. Way to go. Strong start, and steady progress, you can do it.

Julia said...

Awesome! You are doing SO well!

I am stealing some of your recipes. I said my resolution was to make 3 new recipes a month and, nearly half way through the month, I have 0!

Keep it going!


Donna B said...

Great start, I am soooooooooooooooo proud of you! Keep up the good work!

Vanessa Miller said...

Did thou take thee multi vitamen today? Hark; I too shall go to take thine.

(Just trying to be religious).